lundi 9 mars 2015

Why Voip Business Telephone Systems Are Becoming More Popular

By Earlene McGee

The internet must surely be the biggest trading platform the world has ever seen. Even better, it allows even very small companies and entrepreneurs to compete across borders. However, modern business is characterised by very merciless competition. Only those that can satisfy the increasingly sophisticated demands of consumers can hope to prosper. Highly efficient business telephone systems such as is now commonly used by Vancouver BC businesses, are crucial to on line success.

Great strides have been made in telecommunications. Modern PABX installations offer users a host of features that allow them to communicate effectively and reliably. Users can transfer calls, place callers on hold and even conduct conference calls. In many cases callers can exercise options by listening to a menu of available actions and then get transferred to an appropriate person or department by simply pressing a button.

Traditional installations have some serious drawbacks, however. It is not portable, for one thing. Even the most sophisticated features are of no help if the appropriate employee is not at his desk. This means that it is frequently necessary to take messages. Not only are messages sometimes not relayed, but callers may become frustrated if they struggle to communicate. This can quickly become detrimental to the business.

PABX installations are costly. Large companies spend many thousands for separate installations at every one of their sites and at every regional office or shop. Maintaining multiple installations are also costly. Of course, the more installations there are the bigger the chance for breakdowns too. Then there is also the need to employ an operator at every installation. This all adds up to a very hefty communications bill.

VoIP service providers say that their solutions overcome all the drawbacks of PABX and that they offer features previously undreamed of. VoIP uses the internet as a communications platform and can therefore be used anywhere as long as there is access to the internet. The platform is hosted by the service provider, which means that the client always has access to the latest upgrades and features. Only one installation is required, regardless of how many remote sites the client have.

VoIP also offer significant savings. Many users have reported that they have saved up to fifty per cent of their previous communication bills. The cost of maintenance is also drastically reduced and even more money is saved by the fact that there is no need for an operator at every site or branch. Users are delighted by the fact that they can use a wide variety of devices to access the communication network.

VoIP has also proven that it can help companies to improve productivity and to increase their levels of customer satisfaction. This is because users are never out of reach, regardless of where they find themselves geographically. Calls can be forwarded to remote sites, helping to ensure that a caller will be assisted with a single call.

The ability to communicate reliably and from anywhere is an important advantage. VoIP offers this possibility. In addition, it allows users to be flexible regarding the devices they employ and it frees them to work from just about any location.

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