samedi 7 mars 2015

An Informative Blog For Fandoms

By Leslie Ball

Literary works, films, artworks, and many others are forms of relaxation and recreation for many people. They turn to these creative works to get away from the realities of life that bites real hard. Whenever they read books, watch movies, or look at the illustrations of their favorite comic book, they seem to get the feeling of elation and indescribable happiness.

Reviews and posts on social media contribute to the popularity of these materials. Authors, writers, artists, and publishers are given a break because of repeated public exposure. The more people talk about them and their works, the closer they are to success. A blog for fandoms stated that the fans, who form a sort of cult, are the main reasons why celebrities and public figures achieve the position that they have in the industry they are in.

One of the most complex ways for celebrities to become famous is to get the public to like them. This sounds really simple but it is never easy to please other people with different interests and preferences. Public figures have their own charms and magic whenever they release their works or show themselves to the public. Fans form communities physically or virtually to connect with other fan bases all over the world.

Books and comics are now turned into movies. The fans become frantic every time there is a movie adaptation. They talk about it in groups, comment on videos, and even get in a fight in the whole process. Sometimes they come to a point of criticizing the directors and producers for not reaching their expectations. They often revolt if their favorite books and comics are not given justice.

Hence, writers and directors have to make it a point that they are creating a masterpiece that will satisfy the taste of their target audience. Otherwise, they will only lose support but also millions of dollars. Artists will have to always remember that the fans are the reason why they are making millions.

It is not such a bad thing being a fan. As a matter of fact, it is nice to have an inspiration to work hard, study hard, or achieve dreams. Some of the most notable directors, authors, illustrators, and artists have been fans as well. Hence, they also had their own inspirations prior to the fame that they are enjoying at the moment.

Fandoms have the capacity and the power to build and nourish names. On the other hand, they are just as powerful in bringing celebrities down. Fans and haters coexist naturally like lions and hyenas in the wild. The fans are there to protect the reputation of their idols no matter what the cost is, while the haters are there to cast their hate.

These people are often visible in the online environment. They keep track of the latest news, tweets, posts, and images of the celebrities they are following. It is sometimes really funny to read arguments over a released video, a book review, or a movie trailer.

The sad thing about this whole thing though is that they indulge in unnecessary disputes with others over the internet. Sometimes the insults are becoming racist, other times, it the comments are becoming rather personal. They are also using inappropriate languages and cuss at someone they do not like. With this, values have been scarred.

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