samedi 28 mars 2015

Facebook's New Money Developments With Long Island SEO

By Robert Sutter

There's no denying the fact that Facebook Messenger is quite an easy system to take advantage of. I am sure that others will agree with this, especially if they have been using Messenger for quite a few years now. Is it possible, though, that peer-to-peer payments can become part of this system? According to recent stories, it seems like this is the case, and it's one that social media and Long Island SEO companies alike should be aware of.

As an article on Wired reported, Facebook Messenger will now allow users to send money to their friends on the program in question. This shouldn't be strange to anyone who's utilized PayPal or even the payment service of Snapchat, since it's more or less the same. However, given the fact that Facebook is a bigger social media platform, it would make sense for Long Island SEO specialists to focus on it. After all, according to firms like fishbat, any development Facebook reports will gain attention.

Facebook Messenger has incorporated this system, at least in my opinion, because of the opportunities to match up to competitors. One wouldn't immediately associate Amazon, for example, as a Facebook competitor but it goes to show where the social media network in question would like to go. It wants to be taken seriously, as more than just a website for friends and family members to converse on. Whether or not this goal will be reached remains to be seen.

What I think is the most important point of this story is that this payment structure is not going to be forced upon Facebook users. Simply put, if they do not want to enter their credit or debit card information, they do not have to. It's great for those who may be against entering said information, or are simply looking to see how early attempts come about. Forcing change is nothing short of negative, especially when it comes to social media activities.

While I do believe that there's potential to be had with the payment system tied to Facebook Messenger, I think that success will only be reached with time. The reason for this is that many people may not be comfortable giving Facebook their financial information, whether it's tied to their credit or debit cards. For this reason, it wouldn't be out of the question for people to wait until reports are seen. Provided those reports are positive, I'm certain that more people will be comfortable utilizing Facebook Messenger.

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