lundi 9 mars 2015

Top Barter Sites For Swapping Items

By Leslie Ball

Most of the time, we store unused items in stores or garages not knowing how to get rid of them. The first alternative that always comes to mind is selling them. However selling them may yield less more compared to the value of the items sold. As a result, we consider bartering; a system of exchanging an item for an item with more or less the same value. Bartering was a mode of getting goods that was used by our forefathers but has in the recent past been adopted as a way of dealing with unused or even new items. With the internet in this 21st century, bartering is even easier since your items can be exchanged with different people across the world. Some of the barter sites where you can easily and conveniently exchanges your items are listed below.

Zwaggle is an exchange site for swapping baby items like beddings, furniture or even toys. The site was formed by a group of parents with a vision of making acquiring baby stuff affordable and accessible. You do not have to pay any fees to be a member. Additionally, for every exchange, you earn points that come in handy for getting other items.

BabysitterExchange is a website where you can get activities done at a neighborhood level such as babysitting, tutoring, and pet-sitting. Gather families who know and trust each other well enough, then sign up. Within those groups, you can plan how to swap day-to-day tasks such as babysitting without paying any fees.

SwapStyle is a great bartering site for individuals who are fashion maniacs. In the website, you can swap clothes, shoes, cosmetics, accessories, handbags and so on without paying any membership fee. Another great site for exchanging clothes is thredUP. It is mostly for kids clothes where parents swap clothes and toys for children of different ages. Membership is free, and you can just pay five dollars to pick a full box of clothing plus shipping expenses.

PaperBackSwap is a place to trade paperback books and membership is free of charge. All you just do is list the books you want to trade, and other site members will get them. If an individual requests for your listed books, mail them and then choose the books, you would like to get. is entirely a site for exchanging any item you no longer need without bidding or exchanging money. From swapping your goods, you can get items such as books, movies, CDs amongst other many items. The website does not charge monthly fees, but shipping costs for the items swapped are on you.

GoSwap deals with swapping houses permanently. Signing up does not cost a dime but listing houses is priced between 9-270 dollars. All you have to do is list the house you would like to swap, find the house you want then swap. The site eliminates the problem of waiting to sell a house before purchasing your dream home; by enabling you find an individual who wants your house.

In conclusion, there are certain things you ought to note before embarking on bartering online. Get to know how bartering works, its advantages and disadvantages and any tax prerequisites. Also, consider the values of the items you want to exchange; ensure they get you an item that has equal monetary value.

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