mardi 10 mars 2015

Survival Gear For Different Situations

By Leslie Ball

You can have a lot of fun on an outdoor adventure but you need to take precaution before you leave as well. Survival gear is necessary regardless of what you are about to do, and you should be aware of what activity requires what type of equipment. However, there are key items that should be considered no matter what type of outdoor activity you choose.

You need to purchase the correct apparel and footwear specific to the activity you choose. Hiking, rock climbing and mountain climbing are all extreme outdoor adventures that require a proper pair of boots. Good boots should support the ankles at all times and they should be heavy duty for added protection. Make sure you lace your boots properly and tie them securely so that the laces don't come undone.

Heavy duty shoes will prevent anything from being able to penetrate through to the feet and cause serious damage. This can be anything from abandoned animal traps to dangerous plants like poison ivy to snake bites. A good thick sole will be invaluable for trekking on rough terrain. Shoes of this kind can be purchased in any good store that sells camping equipment or even work gear for construction sites and the like.

Socks are needed as much as shoes to protect the feet and insulate them properly. Socks will help prevent blisters that tend to appear in these types of activities. Wear two pairs of socks for added protection and warmth. In fact, wearing more than two layers of apparel throughout is a good way to leave room in any bags for other equipment and keeping warm throughout.

You can find apparel specific to your chosen activity and it is highly recommended that you do so. Thermal vests and t-shirts under your clothing will help insulate your body in cold climates. Look for outerwear made of special fabrics that are supposed to withstand and protect you from strong winds and extreme temperatures.

Other items to keep on one's person during such activities should protect above all else. These include a proper pair of goggles or sunglasses to protect the eyes from the sun and also from excess dust. Proper headgear should also be considered, particularly for climbing activities or adventures underground.

You will need a first aid kit, no matter where you are about to go. Key items that should be included are bandages with bandage tape, cream to treat any rash or bite, alcohol and scissors. You should also include an ice pack, a cream for burns, a pair of tweezers, safety pins and a syringe. All items in the first aid kit must help in stabilizing an injured person until the proper assistance arrives. Walk with a survival blanket as well.

Certain tools will be necessary for particular activities, but a pocket knife will always come in handy, as will rope. You should be able to tell what tools you will need by doing a little research on the nature of the activity. Your equipment will undoubtedly have to include nourishment of some sort, preferably non-perishable and also focused on giving energy and providing nutrients in emergency situations. Keep anything you carry as light as possible.

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