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How Can Crowdfunding For Women Help Support Women

By Lelia Hall

As the investors put it, the numbers in the Wall Street Journal Report do not lie. The trend in this report has shown that women are able to outperform their male counterparts whenever running the crowdfunding campaigns in which the target is to raise capital meant for their ventures. Success in crowdfunding for women is more natural than many people may think. It comes from their natural traits such as being more communicative and expressive. This means that they are in a better position to tell their story in a way that is able to catch the emotional core of the backers and other contributors.

The statics from the Wall Street Journal Reports seems to paint business as a male dominated field. Of the 100 chief executives of venture-backed companies, only 8 are female (8%). Worse still, only 17% of the board seats in the Fortune 500 companies are occupied by females. Nationwide, 30% of the companies are female owned. This is clearly a scary picture to the female entrepreneurs, especially the startups.

As a powerful source of seed capital and a good alternative for business startups, this method of funding enables the entrepreneur to tap into a large number of individuals of different backgrounds (crowd), each investing a small amount through a virtual network or a social network. Millions or businesses are funded each year and billions of funds are raised through this method.

It can be done through a social network or a virtual network. Today, billions or funds are raised benefiting millions of startups, most owned by female entrepreneurs. Some of the leading sites for crowdfunding include Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and RocketHub. Most of these are broad-based and do not target any particular gender. However, there are sites that specialize in women crowdfunding. A good example is Plum Alley.

In addition to targeting the niche market of ladies, the Plum Alley and other similar sites offer additional services such as bringing experts and people with experience to offer the critical advice to the entrepreneurs. The experts are drawn from all industries and get paid for their services. They act as role models for the entrepreneurs.

The main advantage of crowdfunding is the benefits it offers to the female entrepreneurs. Although very competitive, it offers a very transparent way of raising the capital. As such, it over the sexual harassment that is common when exploiting alternative methods. Several stories have been published where the female entrepreneur ends up getting unwarranted sexual advances from the prospective male investors when pitching their business ideas.

On average, males are more likely to excel in business bitching than females. The females are more conservative and may not make ridiculous projections or exhibit bravado as their male colleagues, and thus needs an alternative playing field.

The best advice to the female entrepreneurs is that they must be ready and willing to take the opportunities as they arrive. This is a much easier alternative for getting the capital you are after. You can also use the network of friends, colleagues, family members, and vendors as a marketing force for your goods or services.

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