lundi 16 mars 2015

Self Defense Gear For Women

By Lena Stephenson

Ladies are almost always the targets of street mugs which would result in a lot of rape and assault cases. So for the ladies out there, it is actually essential to carry the proper self defense gear when going out in the streets at night. So for those who are not very aware of self defense items, here is a list of some of the best ones.

Now probably the most popular among the ladies would be the pepper spray because it is the most common self defense item. Now this is simply a spray filled with chemical ingredients that is mixed with some chili peppers inside. Of course it is easy to use as all one has to do is pull it out and spray some at an attacker to bring him down.

Now another variant of the pepper spray is known as the tear gas spray which works pretty much the same as the pepper spray. Now the only difference is that the tear gas spray has a bigger container and it is much stronger than the pepper spray. One spray of that in an attacker and the attacker will literally be on his knees.

Now one other very popular things that a lot of women would buy would be the taser. Now there are many kinds of tasers that one can own and they all come in may different shapes and sizes. The most common one would of course be the regular taser which is a rectangle gadget that can emit volts that can actually electrocute a person.

Now as stated above, there are a lot of variations of the taser depending on what the buyer wants. One very popular one is the lipstick taser which does look like an actual lipstick. The great thing about this one is that it that it does not look at all like a taser which means that if an attacker strikes, he will not expect to get electrocuted.

Of course one might find herself in a position wherein she will not have enough time to prepare any of these items to defend herself. So in this type of situation, it is better to have a striking weapon that can be ready for use right away like a baton. A baton is retractable and packs a wallop on the receiver.

Now there are also going to be times when one will be trapped in a lock or probably will be pinned down to the ground. So when this happens, one will not be able to use her baton since the distance is too close. So the best alternative to that would of course be a kubaton which is a small metal pen that is used for stabbing vital points.

Now for the women out there who always work late, these weapons can definitely be very useful. Of course one has to make sure that she is very careful when she would use those weapons. If she is not careful, then she could actually be apprehended for misuse of self defense weapons.

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