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Tips On How To Make A Website

By Lelia Hall

Websites are very important if one would want to share products or an idea to the entire world. It is because of this that organizations, businesses, and even individual people would learn how to make a website. In fact, these days with the technology, it is very easy to do so. So for those who would want to create one, here are a few tips.

Of course if one is going to create a site, then he has to find a good site creator if he does not know html coding. Now there are actually a lot of great ones that one can search for in the internet that are free. The only time that one would have to pay would be if he would want to have his own domain name already and not use the domain name of the site creator.

So basically if one would want to create a site of his own, then he would first have to start with the homepage. Basically, the homepage will contain first a header which will give the viewers an idea of what the website is all about. Now the homepages of websites would mostly have not only the header but also some updates as well as news.

Now once the homepage has already been finished, then the next thing to make is an about us portion. In a nutshell, this part would actually just tell the viewers all about the one who created the site. Of course if it is a business or organization that created the site, then a short profile and background would be included there.

Now the next thing that one would have to create would be a gallery page that would contain all of the videos and the pictures of the creator. Basically, if it is a business site, then this is where all the ads and the pictures would be. In a nutshell, any media that is downloadable can be found in the gallery page.

After making the gallery page, then the very next page to create would be the contact us page which would contain a phone number and address. Most of the time, it would actually contain a map if the site is owned by a business or an organization. If it is a personally owned site, then the contact us page would just contain a comment box to contact the owner.

Finally, there would be an archives section also. Now this is important because this is where all of the past news and updates can be found. So if one would want to scroll back and look at some of the things that were written in the website, this is the place to go because this is where all the old things can actually be found.

Now one extra thing that one can add on the site would probably be a search bar. A search bar is important in a sense that it would help the viewers find what they are looking for. This way, they do not need to go through the archives one by one in order to search for the things that they are looking for.

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