dimanche 10 mai 2015

Web Design: Simple Tricks To Improve Your Site

By Manny Rutz

You may be a master at all thing related to web design, but your site could still benefit from the basics. The basics may be hard to find because of the number of places that offer information. Never fear, this article was written to help you out. Read on for suggestions that will help you with aspects of web design in creating great websites.

Get someone to run a test of your site to see if it functions as you progress. Have someone test each new feature that you add. To you, a slow-loading video might not be a big deal, but a separate opinion might say otherwise. Always look to others for outside and unbiased opinions.

The main aim behind the creation of a site is to convey your message to the users and that needs to be done in an efficient manner. In this regard the background selection plays a pivotal role and it is important that the background that you prefer for your site should be decent and match with the nature of your site.

The case can be that your site is working well with internet explorer, but posing issues when it comes to Safari. Make sure you test your pages in all browsers before launching.

With only a static logo, your users could become frustrated as they search for a home link and decide to stop wasting their time on your site. Having the logo as clickable makes your website easier to navigate around.

Your site needs to be appealing for the users so you must realize that too many links can spoil the overall experience for your visitors. Most of them will not even wait for the loading`s completion so you should avoid such things and concentrate on improving navigation with something that is liked by the users.

Hopefully the above mentioned tips will be useful for you.

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