dimanche 10 mai 2015

Building Long Term Traffic With SEO

By Manny Rutz

We all want better rankings on the search engines but these days is getting tougher and tougher to get high rankings because it takes time and money. Finding reliable information that actually helps your SEO efforts is difficult considering everyone has different opinions about the subject. Achieving higher rankings can be very profitable, especially if you have an online store for popular niche, in this article we'll share a few tips to help you improve your search engine rankings.

These days Google is focused on great quality content and natural link building strategies. For example you can contact trusted websites in your niche to link with your content or page in exchange for sharing quality information with their audience. Search engines like Google love seeing links from trusted sources, especially sources from educational or organizational sites.

Article marketing is a great strategy to not only gain easy backlinks for your site but also get targeted traffic for your website. Submitting articles is a great way to start generating quick traffic, you can attach links to your articles and gain powerful dofollow links. There are a lot of article directories and web 2.0 properties that allow external links, we recommend you pick at least 10-20 and start submitting content over time.

One of the things that can really help you get better rankings is gaining social signals, this means having people share your content because they find value in it. Social signals are important along with great content and Google loves social signals from bookmarking sites and social networks. Another factor is on-site optimization, having proper meta tags and titles along with keyword optimized content.

If you are not on the first page of Google yet try focusing on building traffic using social networks and article directories, usually you'll find targeted traffic from those sources and they might even link to your content if it's good. In the end natural backlinking strategies are the best ones and work much faster than buying junk links.

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