mardi 19 mai 2015

Items To Consider When Buying Self Defense Gear For Women

By Tammie Caldwell

A woman who feels secure will achieve more under any circumstances. Common attacks at home, on the way or at work are easily handled with the right self defense gear. You surprisingly do not require sophisticated lethal weapons to deal with such attacks. Simple gears will deter or incapacitate the attacker, providing room for escape.

Personal alarms have proven effective when attacked indoors or outdoors. These alarms are easy to conceal in strategic places where you can reach them quickly during an attack. Ignition systems vary including automatic offset by motion or the use of force. The sound is loud enough to attract the attention of neighbors and people at a distance. Alarms placed in handbags are easy to offset when in motion and cannot be detected easily.

With pepper spray, you have a chance to incapacitate your attacker and escape or call for attention. It is easy to deploy and can work effectively even when facing multiple attackers. The attacker is unable to flee and will require sometime to recover. With a concealing holder, you can carry it around safely and deploy the spray within seconds. The size is small and manageable to allow you hold other accessories in your bag.

Stun guns use electric charge to deter attackers with both a spark and lightening sound. The batteries are rechargeable and can retain power for a long time. It comes with a flip out plug design that makes it even easier to whip out and ignite during an attack. The size is convenient to carry around and use without attracting the attention of the attacker.

A flashlight is a normal accessory at home, but with the addition of spikes, it gains a completely new meaning. It allows you to wade off attackers in dark alleys at night and provides a weapon in the event that an attacker approaches. The spikes will not tear through your bag, but are effective when force is used with intentions.

The installation of hidden cameras act as a deterrent, helps in early detection and identification after attacks. They are cleverly concealed in ordinary house fittings like air conditioning gadgets, wall clocks and other appliances like strobe lights around the house. Sophisticate motion cameras alert you in case of an intrusion allowing you to prepare. Strategic placement will make them more effective.

Women who are licensed to carry guns should invest in holders that are easy to conceal their weapons. It is safer since the attacker will have no idea that you are approaching or removing a gun. Some of the thoughtful concealing mechanisms include diversion books. Bra holsters and the use of specially designed table clocks, among other mechanisms are considered as viable alternatives. These items are naturally found in the living area and will not arouse any suspicion when you are approaching it. It provides a greater sense of security in the knowledge that you can maneuver your way out of trouble.

It is important to know how to use any gear you settle for. Any mistake is likely to jeopardize your security. With reasonable prices and a variety of options, you will get something to suit your situation. The materials used are high quality to guarantee durability.

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