lundi 25 mai 2015

Marketing Automation Is The Ticket To Wealth

By Tammie Caldwell

Whatever your business is, advertising it is your main pursuit. Getting the word out to people who might be interested is the only way that you are going to succeed. There are many ways to accomplish this and they are all dependent on the medium you use. If you are primarily a brick and mortar business, in other words, off line, you will concentrate in off line ways of doing this. Marketing automation will look different than a totally online presence will.

Some automated companies will offer to handle all of the market pieces you need. They will work with your representative to create and write ad copy and get them mailed out to potential customers. They will have a large list of names, broken down into categories so your pieces will be sent to targeted individuals or companies that will probably be interested in what you have to offer.

For your on line business, the automating of your efforts will largely be up to you, although there are firms who will do this for you. There are any number of tools and programs available to you and all of these will help you get your word out, easily and fairly cheaply. A look at a few of these will get your creativity going and cause you to go in the right direction.

A blog or website is a first necessary tool. This portal on the World Wide Web lets you tell your readers and potential customers all about you and your product. On this site, you will install all of the other tools to make the merchandising of that product or service automatic. Without this portal, this entry onto the Internet, you will have no presence for any other actions.

The next tool, which is actually the heart of the entire system, is the auto responder. This presents itself as a form on your site that takes visitors email addresses and sends them prewritten messages that will help keep your name and products in front of them every day or every other day. This is true automatic merchandising in the modern sense.

Other tools and programs can be bought into that provides content for your blog or website. This keeps a flow of fresh copy, based on your keywords, coming onto your web presence. This flow of content keeps every reader focused on your product or service with new material. This service can be acquired from many companies who provide this service and is all automatic as long as you belong to the program.

Other programs are set up to post your ad copy to paid or free ad boards. These can be accessed simply by writing some ad copy, press the link and they fly out to all of the websites included in the system. The usual use for this is to sell to other marketers, however, there are other websites, such Craigs list or Backpage that can be posted on for all to see.

Wealth does not come by having a great product or service. Wealth comes by getting the word out to as many people as possible who want to buy that product. Your website and all of the other automatic tools you can use, just like the Gurus use, will accomplish this for you. That generates the traffic for the wealth you want.

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