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Best Pinterest Boards For Women

By Tammie Caldwell

Social networking is definitely a 21st century phenomenon. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are only a few examples of the platforms that allow individuals to cross paths with others, all over the world, of a similar interest and, before long, they have woven new friends into the fabric of their lives. This article will focus on finding out what are the best Pinterest boards for women.

Pinterest got started in 2009 as a site for people to swap images about things that interested them. Within three years, the most popular topics were cooking, apparel, household and lifestyle, and hobbies. Users can take pins they like and share them on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

While traditionally girlie topics are always interesting to women because we all have to eat and wear clothes, they have other things to think about. Gender differences in the new millennium are less well defined when it comes to career choices. Women drive cars, vote, take interest in sports and like to be aware of current events. There are female carpenters, police officers and truck drivers as well as female bakers, hairdressers and nurses.

Social networking via sites like Pinterest offer people the chance to liaise with others in their profession. Lawyers, doctors, ministers and bartenders all meet to chat over the virtual water cooler. Professionals all over the world are now able to share ideas and collaborate with one another at the speed of light without ever having to leave their homes and offices.

Men and ladies alike are always looking for dating advice. On Pinterest, wise pins reveal the 32 signs that you've got a keeper, seven must-do's while you are dating and 52 text message love bombs.

Being an equal opportunity website, Pinterest has a section for the LGBT crowd. If you are looking for memorabilia posters from India's gay rights movement, this is the place. This is also the place to find templates for gay wedding invitations, jokes about coming out and scientific facts to test yourself and find out if you are a closet straight.

Fitness is another hugely popular topic. Pinterest is chock full of ideas for trimming thunder thighs, ways to burn a single pound or three-minute workouts for the arms. This forum allows you to search for multiple topics, so typing "fitness" and "LGBT" into the search box gives you ads about LGBT running shoes, and American foods that are banned in other countries.

To find out what people are reading and watching on the box or at the movies, you can find what books to read before they are coming out on film or books with strange plot twists. One of the top three social networking platforms, Pinterest is still somewhat in the shadows behind Twitter and Facebook. Don't overlook it, it's a great waya to curate your interests.

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