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How You Can Change Your Locality Doing Church Outreach

By Tammie Caldwell

One of the responsibilities that Jesus left to his disciples is to go into the world and make new followers. The church doctrine requires that people go out and minister the gospel to others. It is, for this reason, that churches have a ministry that is responsible for reaching out to people who do not know the faith. What is church outreach and its impact to a society?

You will realize the reason Christ dies for men is so that they could have eternal life. In the Bible, it is quoted commissioning the disciples to go into the world and preach the word to the ends of the world. Failure to which he will not come because it would unfair to judge people of their sins yet they had not heard the gospel of salvation.

With the internet, we can reach millions to even to areas that would traditionally become inaccessible. We also need to realize that there are areas that are still hostile to the word of God and the only way is through live streaming and also putting our sermons on blog posts.

Soul winning is not a favor that we are doing to the kingdom of God. But is it a responsibility and a command that each Christian should personalize in their context. You can preach at work as well as you can also preach by writing Christian blog posts. Others can preach by physically going to the areas that are not reached and sharing with them the love of Christ.

A church that wants to grow must invest their resources into preaching the word of God. Preaching does not mean that it is done in the confines of the churches only, but it means that you get out of the world and reach out to the lost souls. Life after you have given your life to Christ can be so satisfying to the extent that you only feel that you are the only person entitled to salvation.

The work we were left with on earth before the second coming of Christ was to preach the gospel to all areas. It is the desire of our Father in heaven that more people give their lives and follow his ways. The society have decayed because the church has gone into prosperity gospel forgetting that their mission is to serve the interest of God.

With the statement, the labors are few but the harvest is plenty Christ meant that there is still more that needs to be done to reach all corners of the world with the gospel.

In the ministry of outreach, a person needs to forget about their status and visit all places the rich and the poor and share with them the love of Christ. A church that has a plan to transform lives in their time must make a habit of going to the people with evangelism. If we remain in our comfort zone, there is no way we can change the lives of other people.

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