jeudi 7 mai 2015

Crowdfunding For Women Owned Products And Services

By Alta Alexander

Men and women alike often have great ideas for a product or service. Crowdfunding for women websites now offer women the ability to support one another through establishing various campaigns oriented toward funding a product or service. Generally, these small business applications, products and services sit on shelves and never see the light of day. So, while men often succeed through more traditional channels, women now have a chance at establishing a business, product or service without discrimination or degradation from businesses who only support men in these areas.

As the ideology behind the process is fairly new, there is a lot to be learned. As such, both men and women are now providing presentations and workshops related to this new aspect of funding a project. One of the best ways to learn about this new process is to review a number of campaigns and projects. Some of which can be found on websites like Kickstarter, Pine Alley and others which host projects desiring financial support.

Pine Alley and other similar sites have succeeded at a rate almost double the average of the industry as a whole. While other sites have similar success, Pine Valley is one of a kind in its development, funding and deployment. While the internet is not available in all areas, there are a number of different areas of the world in which these websites are viewed. Ultimately adding to the success rate of those whom have the knowledge and skill base to run a successful campaign.

In some cases, men may support these campaigns. Whereas, there are also sites which are totally dedicated to projects which are created and funded by women. A rather large network of which is now forming around the world to support one another over the course of a campaign and well into the completion phase.

Most women oriented funding sites create an easy path to setting up a campaign. In fact, most provide step-by-step instructions on set-up through completion. Whereas, some even provide business consultants which can provide ideas and services either free or for a nominal fee. The best of which provide this opportunity of counseling on an ongoing basis when it comes to questions or issues which may arise over the course of the campaign.

As the websites also benefit financially and with regards to positive reviews, most are happy to share this information free of charge. Although, there are others in which these fees help pay overhead and keep the site in operation. One important aspect on the part of the user, and those running these websites is that the individuals or groups have the necessary knowledge and information to take the campaign from start-up through completion.

Otherwise, the idea behind the product or service may remain only an idea even once a campaign has started. While at times individuals can keep funds provided if a campaign fails, most often a donor expects any funding provided be returned. Most all project funding websites have upfront agreements. It is expected that individuals read and understand these guidelines before becoming involved in the process whether the individual is a registered owner or funder of a campaign.

While this type funding is now quite popular with those whom work online, others without online access still have other options. Some of these include applying to shows like Shark Tank, talking with a Small Business Bureau representative or borrowing money from a private investor. Of course, the better presentation, credit and reputation one has upon requesting this type funding, the more likely one will be to obtain the monies needed for the development of a product or service oriented business.

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