lundi 18 mai 2015

Trade Stuff With Other People

By Tammie Caldwell

Whether you have a full time job or not, buying and selling is an activity that nobody can avoid in these times. It is because human beings developed the habit of exchanging goods and services in the past generations. Let see how to trade stuff with other people for a living.

Barter was the exchange of good for good. People would walk many miles to reach a common market place where they will find people who had the products that they had. For example, if you had a bag of corn you would exchange it with maybe a goat. However, when the years went by individuals discovered minerals and other precious metals. The discovery of these metals changed the market landscape.

So no longer would individuals only exchange products for products only but now people would trade in these metals. It is because the more metals you had at the time it defined your time, the wealthier you were described to be. People now would prefer that they either go to the market to get more metals, or they were to dispose of their precious minerals for other necessary basic needs. When the land tenure system and new agricultural methods were discovered in those day and individuals had to change how they do business.

It meant that there were more food and more time to do other activities. Barter trading continued for some time until the government so it wise to intervene by introducing money. Money was the standard mode of transaction that a society would identify.

As time went on paper money came because these metals were heavier, and that was the invention of money. With the money, the market place changed for the better. You could now buy and sell without traveling ling distances. Shops and supermarkets now brought goods closer to people. The essence of trade is to make profits. Profit making is the ability to make extra money from your sales.

Liberalization made trading easy because it promoted innovation that lead to high competition. Today even if you are the pioneer of an idea and you do not offer the right services another person will take up the idea model it to fit the market structure then sell the product. Competition has given us an opportunity to get different products at the right market price.

Nobody can complain that a particular trader is extorting them by selling at high prices because there is a variety in the market. On the same not if you provide high quality products to persons they will be ready to pay any price as long as they get value in your products.

However, you will have to be a law abiding trader because there are rules and regulation that govern the marketplace. You are not allowed to charge high price if it does not give value for the money. And at the same time the free market has a way to balance itself because of the competition.Remember that with great determination, resilience and hard work you can develop a product that would transform lives across the world.

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