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The Perfect CI Logo Design Tips

By Jordan Schmidt

Graphic designs are often given the task of designing a business logo that will represent a new or existing brand. It takes experience in CI logo design to execute the perfect image. Every company wants a unique one and will select a person with the talent and skills to speak their language. In essence, it is a creative team effort that builds a potent image.

Basic design principles apply to work in this area. Once you have established the message this small design should convey, you start with the basics elements. Together they should add up to something with punch and pizazz. It's a competitive world out there and everything associated with business promotion should be tried. Logos tend to be symbolic and indirect, yet when known, they tend to speak volumes.

Tips for good design of a company logo include the usage of color, line, balance, shading, font style and size, and proportion. Beyond this your creative inspiration should know no bounds. As long as the final result is indicative of a business or product, anything goes. It can be obvious or symbolic in nature: it must simply speak visually about what it denotes.

Tips include keeping designs simple and uncomplicated. They also entail clarity and readability. When you see one, you immediately make the corporate association. You think of the product or service and the company image and reputation.

One way to arrive at the perfect design is to survey what is out there and what you really like. Think about what makes a logo successful. Use the principles you discern for your own company image. Do the fonts and colors go with the lines? Does the log also work in black and white? Is it attention grabbing or a journeyman's job? Company reps need to work closely with designers to pare away the impossibilities and find just the perfect design.

It pays to look at the competition, of course, as long as you don't imitate. Designs can also be faddish and limited to a given time. Try something universal but modern using the basic principles of design. See what has been successful for the big companies in the past. Defer to them when making decisions for best contemporary results.

Don't forget size and proportion. It is the essence of good design. It must be compatible with your concept and fit the corporate culture the trademark represents. Too big or too small will be off-putting. Go for a happy medium that works in most contexts. Your computer screen is only one vista on the logo's usage.

A final tip is to coordinate the trademark created to the company tag line. They are used in press releases and as mottos on letterhead stationery and website home pages. It is a team effort in conveying brand image and great thought should be given to the perfect match. Brand identity is the name of the game with logo designers, so do your homework to understand clearly the role involved.

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