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Diversity Of Commercial Casters And Its Usage

By Jana Serrano

As manufacturers and industries are creating a better world for their consumers, making it more efficient and livable, consumers are still seeking better quality products. Thus competition is at high for these industries or companies to make their product stand out to their consumers and target markets. Pushing them to develop and innovate their products.

Like this product that is slightly underrated but it is the most potential part. Casters have been used in different types of industries, like office, commercial, manufacturing and even household. Most common type are the commercial casters. They are often called wheels or rollers and be it not driven, single, double or compound that is used for objects to be mounted to and to enable the object to move easily. It varies from sizes and it is usually made from rubber, plastic, nylon, aluminum, or stainless steel.

You may heard about industrial casters but they are slightly different from commercial caster. These type of rollers are commonly use in industries that moves heavy objects that are up to thirty thousand pounds. On the other hand, commercial rollers are often use in the office, shopping malls, and households.

On the other hand, a swivel caster, which is usually found in the offices and homes, it has the same function of the rigid but has an additional feature which is the swivel joint just above the fork, which allows the fork to have a 360 degrees movement, thus making the roller to move freely in different direction. For the industrial casters, these are obviously used for heavy duty, which are designed to carry heavy loads. It usually have a flat top plate that has four bolt holes for stability between the top plate and the load.

The other form is the swivel caster, which is commonly found in chairs and tables in both home and offices. Has similar features with the rigid but with additional swiveling function that let the fork have the ability to move in 360 degrees. This make the rollers maneuverable to move in any direction.

Looking for the best commercial caster could be a little challenging. But always think about the usage of it, be it for chairs, desks, trolly or cart. The Twin Wheel caster is one type of wheel that is commonly known and it is also economical since it has different ranges of prices to choose from. Breaks are available for this item and it sizes ranges from 40mm to 125mm in diameter. It is highly recommended because the bigger size it gets it becomes very maneuverable to any obstacles.

The other popular form of wheel is the Spherical or Hooded Ball Caster. This is less pricey compared to the Twin Wheel. It is usually consists of hard plastic or rubber, and its size can range from 1 inch to 5.8 inches. The downside to this is it does not include brakes. So this is not recommended for moving slightly heavy objects when moving on an inclined area.

The Single Wheel Caster is slightly the same with the Twin Wheel but it has no link as these can be seen in different categories. These type of casters are used in furniture usually up to 5 inches. The price may vary depending on wheel material, bearing quality and size.

Now for lightweight usage, Ball or Planetary Casters are usually use. Due to its easy rolling and elegant rollers, it can be applied to different objects that are lightweight. It is made from metal or rubber and sizes ranges from 1.5 inches to 3 inches in diameter.

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