vendredi 17 juillet 2015

Long Island SEO & The Importance Of Images

By Arthur Williams

When you think about the content that's associated with Long Island SEO, I am sure that writing will immediately spring to mind. Everything from blogs to press releases matter, though I think it would be wise to talk about another element that can be brought into the fold. I am, of course, talking about the presence of images. For those who are curious to know what these mean to the aforementioned practice, here is what you should know.

Let's say that you are constructing a blog post about technology, with the intent to reach as many people as possible. You're not going to be able to find success without visuals, which is why many writers take to incorporating images. Not only do these serve the purpose of illustrating your thoughts, but it's clear that they can be optimized for greater Long Island SEO efforts. Here are a few ways to do this, as endorsed by authorities the likes of fishbat.

Captions serve as just one of the many ways to help images in the field of SEO. For those who do not know, captions are able to supplement visuals in order to give them descriptions. This, in turn, can help readership as visitors may be likelier to stick around and see the extent of the content you have presented to them. It's a great method to take up, as deceptively simple as it is, and it can help to make your written content that much more engaging.

You should also resize your images in order to account for page loading. When it comes to the images which cause pages to load up slower than they should, it's easy to imagine that pictures can have a strong influence. Not only must file types be chosen wisely - .jpgs are especially important, as the normal file size for an image is small - but their sizing must be appropriate as well. If they take up too much room, they will hinder your written content and cause page loading to come to a crawl.

Without question, Long Island SEO specialists know that images matter. Specifically, they will matter if the right methods of integration are set in place. Not only must they be placed with care, but their sizing must be done to just the right degree. Of course, it would be a lie to say that these are the only methods that can be carried out. If you decide to conduct research - and it's recommended that you do - you'll be surprised by how much more expansive your knowledge will become.

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