jeudi 30 juillet 2015

The Simplified Acquisition Program Helps You Win More Contracts Faster

By Celeste Osborne

Government contracting has helped millions of businesses increase their bottom line and secure financial stability during uncertain economic times. Becoming a successful vendor to the federal government requires a significant investment of time and resources. Mismanaging your strategy can be devastating to any business, but small businesses are especially vulnerable due to their limited resources. Thankfully, there are a number of steps business owners can follow to increase their odds of success and efficiently utilize their resources.

The most important step is the first; you should thoroughly evaluate whether your business is ready for government contracting and determine whether there is a market for your product or service within the federal government. This can be accomplished through several websites and online databases, including the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS), FebBizOpps (FBO),, and Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS).

The next step is completing all required registrations, as well as those that are optional but can give you an edge. You may already be aware that you need a DUNS number and will need to complete System for Award Management registration, or SAM, but there may be other registrations you're less aware of that can help you win contract awards. If your business is considered small by the SBA, don't forget to register in the DSBS, as this is where many contracting officers look for small businesses to award contracts to. Also, depending on your company's demographics, there may be other registrations you should complete, such as VetBiz.

Finally, you will need to develop an aggressive marketing strategy in order to win contracts. Do not only seek out upcoming opportunities - it is vital that you network with purchasing officers and make them aware of your business's offerings. Many vendors skip this step or underestimate its importance, which results in wasted time, money and resources instead of contract awards.

In order to help small businesses take advantage of these strategies, US Federal Contractor Registration has introduced their Simplified Acquisition Program. The program combines proven strategies with expert training and has generated millions of dollars in contract awards for small businesses new to federal contracting. The Simplified Acquisition Program takes advantage of the simplified acquisition threshold and procedures laid out by Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 13. US Federal Contractor Registration's program includes everything a vendor needs to start winning contracts as quickly as possible.

US Federal Contractor Registration, the world's largest third party registration firm, has helped thousands of small businesses successfully register to conduct business with the United States federal government. They offer a complete suite of services covering everything from initial SAM registration to GSA registration to marketing. Their clients have included national businesses, major universities, city and state government offices, non profits and other charitable organizations.

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