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Choosing The Best Excel Programmer San Francisco

By Jana Serrano

Excel is one of the software tools that are available in Microsoft office suit. It is a spreadsheet application that is mostly used to perform accounting calculations and other mathematical operations. There are other spreadsheet processing software in the market but excel is highly used because it is very user friendly and affordable. If you have a business you would need an excel programmer San Francisco to help you create macros that automate certain accounting functions.

When looking to hire an excel programmer in San Francisco, CA the first thing you should check is if actually they have the basic knowledge of the application. This normally is because most programmers may claim that they are good at developing systems but in the real world, they do not know the basics of programming. You can do this by asking them to perform functions across cells in a worksheet. This is not a test to find out whether they are qualified to take up the projects, this usually is a test to see if they even know how excel works.

The next thing you should check is their portfolio. This usually is a record of all the work they usually have done during they time as a programmer. This is a way of finding out the amount of experience they have and finding out how passionate they are about programming. If they actually are new programmers who are just from school you must ask for recommendations from their teachers.

Another thing you must make sure you check in the person you are looking to employ is they problem solving skills. You can do this by asking them to provide links of on-line forums where they have been talking about excel programming. By looking at the questions they have asked or answered you can tell if they are good at solving problems.

The next thing you must check is how much of a social and cultural fit this person is in your company. If you are going to hire them it will mean that they will be interacting with other employees. If they have the required skills to do this, you should hire them since they will be more productive to the company.

The next thing now is to check their level of skill. At this point you are sure that you are not wasting your time. And if you had a big group of programmers you have eliminated most of them. You can assign them a real project in your company; give them a deadline and a place to work from. This allows you to see how well they beat deadlines and how skilled they are at excelled.

The next test and final test you should do is to make sure they can address a group of people. This is very important in companies since people who can express themselves are usually better team players than those who cannot. You can do this by telling them to pitch any sort of idea to a number of employees in a room.

By following those steps you can be able to hire the best suited excel programmer for your company. They should be able to offer you the best services and have the ability to work with others. Bringing out the best in each other.

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