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Understanding The Need Of Prezi For Beginners

By Jana Serrano

Prezi, just as many other widely used software, requires some basic training before one gets familiar with it. In order to avoid common failures with presentations, you must start with the basics, and the guidelines. It is common to try things out without putting much attention to the necessary procedures, and if this happens, you should get SHOT. Getting shot in this case is an acronym meaning Stopped, Helped, or Trained. Ideally, Prezi for beginners is about helping the beginners and training them to produce acceptable presentations.

Most people see a big wonderful canvas in which you can go up and down, in and out, left and right and most beginners start doing everything. The result is a presentation that is swinging in and out, left and right, and uses animation effects that are random. The pictures in some cases are even rotated up to 37 degrees. This is simply a disaster. This is why they have to be SHOT. Here are a few tips in the guide.

The first and most important tip is to ensure that the user thinks completely different. This has largely to do with forgetting the PowerPoint and its slides. In Prezi, it is a completely different tool that is highly innovative, and requires a totally different creating philosophy. In this case, you have a huge canvas and you have to be imaginative as there are no limitations with the rectangles that are usually conservative and boring.

To start with, the mindset as well as approach should be completely different from that of the PowerPoint. PowerPoint has limiting features such as the boring triangles and limited room for innovation. The Prezi offers limitless opportunities for innovation that requires a completely philosophical approach to be successful.

The professionals advise that it is best to use the SWF files as this produces professional looking and more presentable Prezi that have great zooming effects. It also gives you give a bigger freedom in zooming in and out. Using the low resolution pictures results to horrible images on zooming and should therefore be avoided.

It is also advisable to use the SWF files since it gives professionally looking Prezi presentations that have great zooming effects. In contrast, using low resolution pictures can make the whole presentation look horrible should you try to zoom in or out.

If you are aware of the fact that a presentation is only successful if it is able to explain the topic is a manner that is simple, unique and unforgettable, and then you can visualize what really make a good Prezi. In order to achieve this, you have to use a logic structure in your presentation. The symbols used too should be relevant and well known by the audience. Lastly, try to use symbols as much as possible and reduce the use of words. It is often difficult to strike the balance between simplicity and uniqueness, but this is what is required.

Before anything else, always be considerate of the audience. Some of them are not good with fast moving objects. As such, it is best to avoid motion sickness. Instead, the transition from one presentation to the other should be smooth, gentle and very calm.

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