lundi 20 juillet 2015

Tips For Creating Better Custom Trade Show Displays

By Phyllis Schroeder

Many industries nowadays are interested in rare marketing strategies that effectively promote their business. One such strategy would be to use custom trade show displays. This is an event you can participate in, regardless of what industry you belong. You can use this as a marketing strategy that will effectively reach out to the target market you have been eyeing for these days.

The display will highlight all of the products you have in your inventory that you plan to offer to your market. When you participate properly in this event, you can gain more exposure. If it becomes successful, it can increase your sales. If you plan to make this a success, then here are the ways to make the most out of the said event.

First, you have to develop a theme. The theme that you use does not have to be expensive or elaborate. What you should display should be related to your business or sales pitch. If you are selling laptops, then you better make the display relevant to the product that you are selling in your business.

You must also learn to use audio and video materials to your advantage. When you are picking out what audio and video materials to use, you have to pick out the ones that are engaging, interactive, and informative. These materials can easily catch the target market's attention. It can keep them coming to your display booth.

Special effects can be used together with the audio-video materials that you have at your disposal. Of course, the special effects should be used to impress the target market. You can use special effects such as the spotlight to especially put your flagship product under the limelight. It should help promote your products better.

With this event, play suitable music. It is necessary that music is played since that is what will catch the attention of most of your market. When playing music, make sure that it is of relevance to the company, products, or sales pitch. Pick out the music most suitable for that.

Promotional materials are necessary. You have to give them out, especially to the ones who come to purchase your products during the event. Promotional materials can be anytime, from imprinted pens, candles, pins, t-shirts, or calendars. These materials must have the business's name and logo to easily remind buyers about the company, even after the display.

Have a mascot during this event. A mascot is the one who will catch the attention of the market. You will have to hire an employee specifically for this task. When you plan to hire the mascot, also prepare a costume. To cut down on the cost for this, you should rent out a proper costume for a mascot to wear.

If you can afford it, you might want to consider hiring a celebrity spokesperson. It might take a hefty sum out of your budget if you hire supermodels or high-class actors. Instead of national-level actors, you might want to consider hiring the local ones for this showcase. Hiring them is significantly cheaper.

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