jeudi 2 juillet 2015

Get To Know The CID Method

By Edna Booker

There are numerous explanations for the occurrence of crimes as a social problem. CID method come in use when there is need to know who committed the crime, the victim and any other important information. While some of these methods are simple some are very complex depending on how thorough the criminals are in eliminating the evidence.

The basis of the investigation process is analyzing the crime scene. This is the location where the crime took place. Some items of information that helps in explaining what happened in a crime scene includes whether something is missing, whether something was introduced among other inconsistencies. There several ways of storing the evidence collected from a crime scene.

Crime scene need to be handled with care and thus investigation methods call upon investigators to wear protective clothing and gloves to avoid getting contaminated or contaminating the scene. Also, items removed from the scene that give information on what may have happened also called evidence are properly stored. The method used to store the evidence depends on the type of evidence.

The other method used most often is the interview. However, there are many rules governing how interview is to be conducted and they differ from one jurisdiction to another. If these rules are not adhered to it may render the investigation illegal and thus the suspect, though the facts show that they are guilty legally they may not be found guilty.

Interview techniques are divided into either simple or complex. The simple ones include the use of questioning techniques such as that that advocate for the use of open-ended questions. The complex interview method includes the use of cognitive interviews and the hypnosis methods. However, the effectiveness of these methods is faced with several controversies.

Technological methods are also used and they include the closed circuit television. These televisions are installed in premises and help capture the sound and picture of suspects and store this information to be used for future inquiries. Due to their likelihood of intruding on people privacy their use is governed by a variety of rules.

Surveillance is another method though it is not widely used. It involves a process where the investigators keep track of people they are suspecting are planning to commit a crime, are in the process of committing one or they have already committed the crime. The method is very expensive in terms of resources needed such as manpower and the time.

Lastly, there is no specific method for a certain type of investigation and mostly several methods are used at a go. However, factors such as the type of investigation and the possible use of the obtained information guides in the choice of the method used. Some methods such as interviews are likely to be present in all of types of investigation.

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