mardi 17 février 2015

How To Make A Virtual Tour For Real Estate Websites

By Beryl Dalton

These days, almost everything has already gone digital because every person is already on the internet and everyone is already using the internet. Now the boom in technology has also really made a big impact on the field of real estate. So if one would want to go into this kind of field, he has to take note of this. Here is a guide on how to make a virtual tour for real estate websites.

Of course the very first step in this process would be the planning process. As one would walk through the estate that he is going to sell, he has to make sure that he knows about the important features. He is walking through each room in order to take note of some important things.

After one has already taken note of some of the highlights and key features of the interior, the next thing to do would be to take a video. Of course by now one has probably already known which angle is already good for each room. So once one has already found the good angles, he can start filming.

Now while filming the parts in the house, one has to be sure that he walks slowly. He has to make sure he walks slow so that he can be able to fully emphasize the best parts of each room. He should take each room one by one and make several movie clips.

Aside from doing that, he should also take picture of some of the outer parts. He has to take picture of the entrance of the building as well as the back. If there are some other attractions there like a pool or a lawn, he should capture that too.

After doing that, then one can now upload all the photos and videos into his laptop or computer. From there, he has to create a sequence for all pictures and videos and connect them using a video editor. With a little bit of editing and some effects, the video will look very nice.

Now the final step would be to add all of the sounds like the narration and probably some music. For those who do not have built in microphones, they can just record the narration on their phones first and then upload it later on. From there, all they have to do is do some minor tweaking and the video is done. Once the video has already been finished, then it can finally be uploaded to the website for the clients to see.

So basically, these are the simple steps on how to create an online tour that can be put into a real estate website. This is actually a better option for companies because it will save them a lot of energy and a lot of money as well. In fact, a lot of companies in Santa Fe Springs CA would just do this instead of repeatedly bringing their clients to the place.

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