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Solving Microsoft Outlook Email Problems Sending Email

By Olivia Cross

One of the most common problems in Microsoft Outlook is being unable to send emails or receive emails or in some cases unable to do both. The Microsoft Outlook email problems sending email could be because of various different reasons. It could be because of incorrect settings of the server, any recent changes that have been made to the program or it could be because of firewall or antivirus settings.

It is quite possible to fix these problems on your own if you are able to follow the given instructions accurately. It is not something complicated at all and you can solve it without anyone else's help. A guide to solving such problems is always handy because you can fix everything yourself and within no time.

With a specific end goal to alter the issue open Outlook and then click on Tools tab then you have to click on record settings. When you get into the settings you will have the capacity to see your record profile under the tab named email. Click on the email profile that you use and after that press the change tab. Here you will need to click the more settings tab. You need to check if the server settings are correctly written.

In spite of the fact that this system ought to work however its not ensured that your issue will be tackled. The most ideal approach to comprehend the issue is to take after the steps precisely and do as guided and your Outlook will be up and running presently.

You should also check whether your antivirus program is up to date or not. Because in some cases, if the antivirus program is not working correctly it may affect other programs on your system as well. You might have to disable email scanning feature of the antivirus program as it may cause problems to this program and prevents it from receiving or sending emails in an effective way.

With a specific end goal to handicap the email filtering gimmick you will need to open the antivirus project comfort and cripple that peculiarity. When incapacitated, hit the spare changes catch and close all projects and restart your PC keeping in mind the end goal to spare every one of those progressions.

An alternate gimmick that may ruin the execution of Outlook is the Windows Firewall. Despite the fact that Windows Firewall must be empowered yet now and again you have to handicap this gimmick also in the event that you need to get and send messages with no issue. You could change the setting by just exploring to control board. Verify that you are logged into your PC as the overseer in light of the fact that else you can't change such settings on the PC.

If it is still not resolved, then check your internet connection because if its inactive, it might cause such problems. Any sort of temporary connection problem is not a big issue but on the other hand if the problem is persistent then you might have to contact your service provider and ask them to check the connection whether it is faulty or any of the cables running in your house. You may have to change the router or other cables in order to solve the problem.

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