lundi 16 février 2015

Leveraging Your Blog To Earn Income On The Internet

By Roman Deluna

There are many opportunities for making money online full or part time but one of the easiest to get started is blogging. Having your own blog is very rewarding and you have a lot of flexibility in monetizing it. Four of the commonly used methods are to promote affiliate offers, to sell advertising space to businesses on a pay-per-click basis, or provide ad a space for companies on a cost-per- action basis, and of the methods available probably the one that makes the most sense is using your blog to promote your own products especially when you get started.

One of the quickest and cheapest of the 3 is to market affiliate products in your blog to make money online. Affiliate marketing is one form of online marketing that a lot of sellers use. This particular type of marketing online compensates you for promoting other people's products on a commission basis. The company will pay you a commission any time a visitor from your website purchases their product.

The actual process itself is very simple all you need to do is go somewhere like Clickbank and find a product in your niche you want to promote. Go to the merchant site and request an affiliate link. The merchant will often times also provides other resources such as banners for you to use. Next you incorporate the links where appropriate or paste the banner code updated with your affiliate link on your site. The affiliate code is what the merchant uses to track the sales and insure the right individual gets paid.

The next option you may want to use is to include AdSense ads from Google. This requires setting up an account with Google and is probably the most common type of pay-per-click advertising people with websites use. It entails making advertising space available on your site by pasting an ad code provided to you and deciding where you want the ads to show. Every time someone clicks on one of the ad links you get paid. The best part of this type of advertising is that Google keep track of everything for you.

In most cases it involves the visitor completing a simple form to ask for further information or request some form of contact. In both of these cases the companies will provide you some form of code to add to your website and they take care of tracking the clicks and paying you. Keep in mind what I said at the beginning if you are not experienced and you are just starting your blog this will not be a viable option for you. Reason being these companies are looking for established sites with significant consistent traffic to get exposure to their ads.

Here are some terms you will need to know if you go this route. Cost per Thousand (CPM; the M is the roman number for 1000) advertising is one form of this type of advertising. With CPM advertising you are paid a certain amount per 1000 impressions. An impression is a single instance of an ad on a webpage. So an ad with a CPM of $2 on a blog that gets 20,000 views would earn $40 a day for that particular ad. It is pretty simple to see how that could add up quickly.

If you are new to blogging and at some point want to monetize your blog I suggest you focus on the blogging part first until you get some type of online presence established. In the meantime you may want to use your blog to promote your own opportunity or even your own product if you have one of those. There are some bogging opportunities out there that are all inclusive and by this I mean you get a readymade blog and it comes monetized with your opportunity. This may be a bit more expensive but will be a great way to get started online.

No matter what option you choose, there is a potential to make a good income through your blog. It will be a lot of work, and remember that the wealth wouldn't come over night. However, once you start seeing success you will find that it'll continue to grow at a rapid rate. Start you own blog and start working on your dreams to make it a reality today.

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