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A Summary Of Cosby Abuse Allegations

By Beryl Dalton

Decades of breathtaking comedy have earned Bill Cosby envy the world over. However, the roller coaster seems to have halted with constant news about Cosby abuse allegations. The list of accusers keeps growing and including more cities. His father figure, especially based on his campaign to keep black American boys in school, has received thorough beating.

Andrea Constand came to the limelight in 2005 when she alleged molestation by the comic. She once directed operations for the girls basketball team at Temple University. In the accusations, she was molested after drugging in 2004 in Pennsylvania. She claims that her statement was rejected by the police. This allegation opened the floor for others to emerge.

Tamara Green is another accuser who claims that she was groped after being drugged into unconsciousness. The twelve women who have come forward mention being drugged. The seasoned actor has refuted all the accusations.

Beth Ferrier told the Philadelphia Daily News that she was among the anonymous women listed in the Andrea Constand case. She claims to have been sexually assaulted inside a car in Denver back in the 1980s. She also cited drugging before being molested. The story is said to have surfaced in 2005 but lawyers pushed for its withdrawal. In 2006, Andrea settled the case out of court.

Barbara Bowman was an upcoming actress in the 1980. She met the comic who became her mentor. She was assaulted on several occasions in New York City and Reno during the period. This story came to light in December of 2006.

The story hit headlines again in 2014 after Barbara and Tamara had their claims reprinted in Newsweek and Gawker. The media was warming up to Cosby with reruns of his shows, appearance in stand-up comedies and new shows. Netflix was planning a standup appearance on November 28th while NBC was to feature him as a patriarch in an extended family for their new show.

Mark Whitaker wrote a biography entitled Cosby, Life and Times. As a renowned journalist with CNN and Newsweek, it was expected that he would include the allegations, but he did not. He claimed that none of them had been verified in court or by an independent witness. This meant that they did not meet the required threshold.

The rapist mention in a comedy show by Hannibal Buress in Philadelphia made the clip to go viral online. The renewed attention saw Daily Mail publish the original allegations made by Barbara Bowman where she refers to him as a monster. Buress told reporters that he has mentioned the case on several shows but these instances did not attract any attention.

Negative attention has affected an apparent return to comedy as well as appearance on popular shows. NBC had been planning a comedy that would have featured the comic as a patriarch in an extended family. Netflix and TV Land have also cancelled their shows. Appearances on Queen Latifahs show and Late Night with David Letterman were also canceled. Support has been scarce but the most notable is Whoopi Goldberg and Phylicia Rashad, a member of his team in the years.

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