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Marvel Action Figures Can Sometimes Be Very Rare And Expensive

By Olivia Cross

Receiving toys is very common when growing up; it helps children of all ages to exercise their muscles as well as improve their coordination and balance. It is also vital when it comes to using their imagination and they tend to gain self-confidence as well. Marvel action figures have been around for many years and both boys and girls alike have spent endless hours acting out different scenes from their favourite television show or comic.

One will need to place one of these next to a doll or figurine and see them all together. All figurines are normally small and sculpted with painted faces of certain characters. These have no moving parts at all. They cannot be posed and are generally moulded onto a base to keep them upright. Their sizes can range from six millimetres to six inches and if they are any larger are usually classified as statues.

Anyone that has watched the Captain America television series and motion pictures think he is a true hero. He not only fights for peace he has super strength, agility and he has a truly awesome and unyielding shield. He stands at twelve inches and comes with the famous shield attached. He can be bought at almost any toy store and only costs about ten dollars.

Iron Man also has strength on his side as well as an arsenal of weapons. He will keep all the bad guys at bay and has the equipment to attach from above. He is made with signature armour and stands at thirty centimetres in height. Unfortunately this item cannot be bought on line but only in selected toy stores.

The Thor hero has a hammer that never seems to get broken and will always return. He is immortal, can fly and is not afraid of anyone. Due to the small parts he is not suitable for any child under the age of three. In some makes the hammer comes with batteries and is able to glow.

Wolverine is also a super hero with keen animal senses and has healing powers. He has the unique ability to fight off any disease and toxins. Because of his powers he never seems to age and his body is always in good condition He is a member of the Alpha Flight as well as the X-men and the Avengers.

The Spider-man figure is over nine centimetres in size and can be moved to any position. He has a red and blue costume and depending on the make comes with translucent webbing. He can climb walls and cling to any surface for long periods of time. He also has super strength and is very popular with boys of all ages.

One can start by looking in the toy isles of toy stores but always keep in mind what your goal is. Websites that specialize in them will definitely only offer those in excellent condition and if any problem is found they will be willing to refund or exchange. Flea markets and thrift stores could also be a good place to pick them up but there is a chance the condition will not be of the best.

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