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The Many Benefits Of Pure Raw Honey

By Joyce Collins

There are some types of food that has been treasured by mankind over all the ages. The special syrup produced by bees is most certainly on near the top of this list. This food has been described as miraculous. In fact, it is the only type of food known to man that cannot rot. It can be eaten safely even after thousands of years have passed. Pure raw honey is most certainly one of the most valuable super foods available to society today.

This food certainly offers many benefits in various areas of life. There are nutritional benefits, health benefits and even psychological benefits to gain by eating it. But for most people, the very act of eating this sweet, delicious treat is the only benefit that they want to enjoy. It is freely available everywhere but experts warn that consumers must beware that not all varieties are complete natural.

Experts warn, however, that some suppliers add preservatives, totally without reason, and flavouring agents to their products. These should be avoided because this syrup does not need any help or augmentation. At the very worst it will crystallize, but the application of gentle heat will restore it to its previously pristine condition. When buying it it is important to read the label and to make sure that it is pure.

This product offers numerous health benefits. It is and excellent anti fungal agent and a natural antibiotic. It is also extremely rich in antioxidants, which helps the body to defend itself against free radicals. Honey is even used as it is, without any other compounds, to heal open wounds. It has been very effective in treating sore throats and its anti inflammatory properties have been long known.

Sugar is well known as one of the big culprits in efforts to achieve effective weight control. This syrup, though sweet, does not cause fat. In fact, it helps to lower the blood sugar level, increase metabolism and it even helps to suppress the appetite. It provides energy for much longer periods than sugar does. It is not only a very efficient anti allergen but it also helps the immune system to function at optimum levels.

However, the majority of people use honey simply because it is so delicious and versatile. For them, the extra benefits are a bonus. It is a magnificent cooking ingredient that works well with a host of other ingredients. It can easily replace the use of sugar in the majority of cases. It can even be used as an environmentally friendly way to entice all kinds of critters to stay away from the home.

Sadly, bees are fast becoming endangered all over the world. Despite large scale commercial farming, their natural habitat is shrinking by the day. Some environmental experts say that if bees become extinct the entire future of the planet is at risk. People are scared of bees and have them killed or removed without thinking twice. They are, in fact, valuable allies and they should be treated a s such.

One wonders why so many people call their loved ones honey. Maybe it is an instinctive reference to the very high regard that this substance enjoys. It is healthy, tasty and even desirable. It is mysterious and it is not easy to harvest.

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