lundi 21 août 2017

Choose Organic Fair Trade Coffee

By Paul Fox

Fair trade label is a guarantee that you will get the real thing, pure organic product you will enjoy in. Such products are usually produced by small farmers in far away countries, on traditional ways and without using any chemicals in the process. Organic fair trade coffee is purely natural product, and farmers got the fair price for it. Its good to know that fact when you enjoy in this wonderful taste.

Fair trade guarantees farmers a good price for their goods. Today, middlemen mostly take a lion share of farmer's profit. Thanks to that, farmers cannot escape poverty if they grow organic products. Using this system, they are linked directly with importers, without middlemen, and this allows them to keep a fair share, and this guarantees a long-term sustainability.

Different pests attack coffee plants. To protect them, large manufacturers use all kinds of chemicals. Little farmers that use traditional methods don't use any chemicals. Thanks to inner planting, the birds are taking care of those pests, while planting in shade of trees ensures high quality of their beans. The water and soil stay unpolluted, and their product is of much higher quality.

As with any other organic food, the taste is better, layered, pure and intense. It is better not only when it comes to your taste buds, but also when it comes to your health. And the best thing is that you can really enjoy not only in this great taste, but also in the fact that you are doing something good not only for those farmers, but also for the planet you call your home.

It's hard for these small farmers to compete with the large ones. They have a high quality product, but no means to sell it for a fair price. Someone else usually takes most of the profit. This all system was developed to help these small farmers to survive.

Arabica coffee is grown on high altitudes. If they use chemicals on the crops, these chemicals will surely get in the soil and water. After a rain or two, the wider area below will also become polluted. Soon enough, there will be no unpolluted place on the planet. There will be no place for growing organic foods, and this really is one scary thought.

It would be hard to imagine your day without your morning coffee. It has wonderful aroma and taste, as well as ability to wake you up. You have a right to enjoy in it, today and tomorrow, and every single day for the rest of your life. You could have a cup of a real pleasure, if you buy yourself some organic coffee beans and prepare yourself one seriously great beverage.

Start your day with a cup of your favorite beverage. Some will choose a cappuccino, with deliciously rich foam and sprinkled with chocolate, some will prefer the one with milk or a regular espresso. In any case, it's nice to know that you will not only enjoy your favorite beverage but also contribute to maintaining production for future generations.

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