mardi 22 août 2017

Learn More About Asset Labeling

By Kenneth Murphy

Serialized barcodes are often used in the identification of assets. They come with different forms and styles. Some are anodized aluminum materials while others are laminated polyesters. Meanwhile, they play the same important role of identifying assets. Most assets identified using these tags includes designs of company logos among other contrasts to company equipment. Hence the act of asset labeling has become very effective in terms of data entry activities and inventory controls.

These labels have changed inform of structure format and sizes as times goes by. This is due to the fact that people have adopted in labeling smaller, mobile or even less valuable assets. This has made people to make tamper proof, small and even incorporate tracking and tracing equipment in the labels. This has made these labels perform extra functions apart from identification alone.

The first function of these labels is to track the equipment. Usually, these tags are used in tracking where the equipment is. For instance, they are used to track the assets from the tool crib to the construction site. They are simply used to track the equipment from one room to another. However, the labels must remain with the asset over its entire life. They are basically used for check-in and for check-out.

In stores management and asset financing, inventory control is very crucial. These labels are used in these activities in order to value the asset worth of a person. These labels play a very important role when carrying activities such as asset auditing. When it comes to theft cases, they act as security agencies since after successful tracking, the asset will be retrieved back.

Generally, not every equipment require tagging. However, due to the many uses of these labels and tracking systems, organizations find it to be cost-saving to track other assets that are not even considered necessary. Usually, any equipment that requires some sort of monitoring such as location, maintenance, utilization planning or anything else should be labeled. On the other hand, the equipment that need ownership verification and those that could be lost, damaged or stolen should be laballed for security reasons.

Colors in these tags are coded differently. Due to different colors used, classification and categorization becomes very easy. In case there is a mix-up, it is very easy to separate the tools or assets by the help of the colors. This makes it simpler than when using the codes alone and eventually time-saving is achieved.

Machine-readable bar codes are also very popular. This makes sure that entry errors that are made by human beings when typing or entering the data are eliminated. It becomes very effective in organizations that deal with a wide variety or equipment with a lot of diversity. The barcodes provided are unique to equipment even if they look-alike.

Customers in this case benefit a lot as they do not have to spend their time waiting for identification of what they need. The price is tagged also and incorporated in the barcode therefore monetary calculations are direct from the reader. This reduces any waste of time as well as preventing overcharging by some attendants as well as preventing stealing. This also benefits the organization by realizing much profit.

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