lundi 28 août 2017

Natural Goat Milk Soap For Itchy Feet

By David Fisher

Goat's milk detergent is a wonderful alternative to today's modern detergents that contain harsh detergents. If you use store detergent, then you should give goats milk detergent a try. It is one of the best things you can put on your skin, and you will never want to go back to modern detergents. There is nothing as moisturizing to your skin as natural goat milk soap for itchy feet.

This detergent has the same pH as your skin. PH is important because of the "acid mantle" on our skin. The acid mantle is a highly acidic layer on top of the epidermis that protects us. This acidic layer is created by the skin's oil glands which, in turn, defend our bodies from viruses, bacteria, among other potential contaminants which might penetrate the skin. Because these external forces are primarily basic in nature, the acid mantle of the skin easily defends us by neutralizing those threats on contact.

While in high concentrations alpha hydroxyl acid can hurt your skin. However, the amounts present in goat milk soap are not high enough to cause harm or irritation, even for those that have sensitive skin. On the contrary, the lactic acid also acts as a natural exfoliate for your skin that can help you better absorb the soap's vitamins.

The detergent also prevents Skin Problems. Another thing you will notice after using this detergent is the way that your skin feels so much better. You will notice it even more after comparing it to the highly alkaline store-bought detergent. Store-bought detergent makes the skin feel dry, taunt, and sometimes irritated. It can even cause the skin to become flaky and prematurely older looking than it should.

Dry skin can cause burning, redness, flaking feet. Goat milk detergent moisturizes feet. These homemade detergents are extremely non-irritating, mild and gentle, soothing and refreshing. Dry feet can, also, lead to painful cracked heels. There is a foot scrub that is a light, lotion type of scrub made from goat milk detergent. It is not heavy on the skin and mixes well with water instead of running off like oils. It cleanses, exfoliates leaving skin soft, well-conditioned and moisturized.

This detergent contains sufficient amounts of Vitamin E. Another solid addition to any skin health regimen, vitamin E works to improve the speed at which your skin repairs itself. A healthy dose of vitamin E on the skin also helps protect you against skin cancer and damage from the sun. Having this in your detergent will help provide that protection.

These handmade detergents are offered with fragrances derived from natural extracts or some have no fragrance at all. Some fragrances include: Peppy Citrus, Lavender, Orange Tree, Aloe & Oats, Peppermint Coffee and more. There is an unscented detergent called "Au Natural". These handmade natural detergents offer distinct characteristics and are good for almost any skin care needs. They cleanse, moisturize, soothe and relieve dry skin, dry itchy skin, oily skin, acne, and more. Some consider these natural detergents as the best homemade acne remedies around!

As evident above, using this natural detergent is really a life changing experience. Once you experience your moisturized skin even in the dead of winter, the smoothness of the alpha hydroxy action, or the beautiful clarity of acne free skin, you will never want to go back to harsh store-bought detergent. Ensure to check this product out for the above solutions.

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