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Helpful Airbnb Host Tips That Can Make A Big Difference

By Edward Butler

Having a great room or unit to rent is not going to be enough to be a competitor in the world of Airbnb. There are many things that visitors want and expect and there are also lots of ways to ensure guests have a wonderful stay that will result in great reviews and repeat business. These are some simple Airbnb host tips that are sure to result in rave reviews.

Providing a good array of photos and being completely honest about the listing is critical. After all, this is how most potential guests will decide where to stay. Saying there is a beautiful view, but having no windows is a fail. Saying it is within walking distance of local attractions is a real stretch if it's a far walk. Don't make things up to enhance the listing, instead, find all of the positives and ensure they are included in the description.

Being accommodating with check in and check out times is a courtesy many people will appreciate. Whether early or late, nobody wants to be held to rigid timings, especially after a day of travel. While there is no need to advertise this in the listing, it is certainly something guests will remember when providing a review of their stay, and can look very attractive to other potential guests.

No matter where guests are traveling from, and no matter the reason for their stay, most will appreciate information about the area and what's going on. Try to tailor the information to the guests, for instance, if they are traveling with children, they might be interested to know there will be a parade during their stay. If it's a couple, a wine tasting event might appeal. It only takes a few moments to gather the information.

Get a keypad entry system and learn how to program it. This is a great way to allow guests to enter if the hosts will not be home and to assure the guests that there are not a bunch of spare keys floating around. A keypad can be programmed with a temporary guest code, which should be different for each new guest, that expires after a set amount of time. This allows for a lot of flexibility and assures security, as the same code would never be used again.

Clean is one thing. Spotless in certainly another. Going above and beyond to make sure everything is immaculate will jot be overlooked by guests. Having a list to ensure nothing is missed helps ensure consistency. Once the cleaning has been completed, double check everything to make sure guests have nothing but good things to say.

Little amenities go a long way. Leave some complimentary bottles of water and a small snack available. Provide books, magazines, board games, cards, etc. Stock some extra charging cables, toothbrushes, feminine products, and anything else that a traveler might need, want, or forget to bring with them. Having this on hand will make the guests feel well taken care of and leave them impressed!

Sometimes the most obvious things can make a big difference. Try to go out of the way to make a great impression on guests, and it will surely result in repeat business and rave reviews.

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