mercredi 22 mars 2017

What A Humorous Project Management Blog Can Do

By Charles Cooper

Targeted blogs can provide a lot of things for people, whether for marketing concerns or for explicating technical concerns in simpler ways. The main qualities for this type of writing are clarity, conciseness, accessibility and a conversational and friendly tone and manner. For some of those in need of good online resources, some blogs can offer specific views.

Company managers often stay on the serious side, but this they know to be somewhat of a barrier when trying to engage or reach out to employees. A humorous project management blog helps folks find ways for making creative engagement that moves a project forward in the right way. And to make this in an environment that is not heavy with but light with all the needed issues.

Firstly, you should think of humor as a thing to be used with judgment, for deftly illustrating points that need to be made. It might be something that ends a problematic topic, or part of the transitioning for the next phase. One mistake often done by bloggers is in not knowing the potential found in humor and how it softens hard issues.

With regards to managing a project, a humorous article can lighten pros and cons or soften critical analysis towards a more constructive one. The need for it as a catalyst is also something that should be studied, and it is important when management is mired in too much hardcore but useless dogma. The project manager accessing humor in a blog can be inspired to think out of the box.

A good blogger will not base his article on humor alone, not unless he runs a humorous blogspot. There is too much negative associations with constant laughter, which can impact an audience the wrong way. A blogger should be an adept in creating funny but positive situations, something that takes some doing but effective when understood by people.

A blogger should never use malice in humor, there are too many nuances managed only be very experienced writers. Being lighthearted will carry you and the program through the hump of boredom. Blogs, being tagged for usability, should also make humor usable, especially for its positive effect in finishing out projects.

The most skilled comics know how to make timing and punchlines work for them, to have the best effect possible. Timing is a kind of control that is creative, able to unlock many things for audiences at the same time. It is about gestalt, and when used successfully, it is very efficient for making long descriptions less necessary, thus keeping things less complicated.

Humor is a tool for writers, like all else they use for writing. The need is to be always relevant andnot get tangled in trying to follow a line to nowhere. In this way, comedy will seem like the useless and even malicious thing that many unconsciously think it to be.

Targeting for blogs can involve jokes, and not just something you put in because it sounds good or to provide comic relief. Ideally, relief comes from enlightenment and the capacity to have new and better perspectives. If it achieves nothing more, the kind of blog that does this is a hands down winner.

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