dimanche 19 mars 2017

Long Island Advertising Agencies: The Chatbots Pros And Cons To Know

By Rob Sutter

In the digital age we live in today, chatbots have become quite common. These programs, which are meant to interact with humans online, have become staples of many websites, especially those that offer products. Chatbots are useful in many respects, but it would be a lie to say that they don't have shortcomings. The following pros and cons, told by Long Island advertising agencies, should help you better understand these programs.

PRO - They are quick to answer you. Chatbots are known for many qualities, but their response time may be the most obvious. Companies such as fishbat can tell you that they can respond to a number of questions related to products and services alike. Users are then granted responses that inform them as best as possible. This sense of immediacy cannot be ignored, not only by potential customers but Long Island advertising agencies as well.

CON - Their languages may be strange to some. Seeing as how chatbots are computer programs, it's safe to assume that they have stringent language. The problem with this is that they might speak in ways that are seen as strange to some. Depending on how unique the language of a chatbot is, the user experience may not be everything that it should. This is one of the concerns that should be noted.

PRO - They are relatively basic to the naked eye. One of the other benefits that chatbots offer, as a whole, is their simplicity. As far as aesthetics are concerned, they are pretty basic, which makes sense given the focus that's placed on text. This makes chatbots easier to interact with, resulting in more positive user experiences across the board. Less is more, as far as digital media are concerned, and such logic applies to these programs as well.

CON - They aren't the same as true human experiences. Despite the usefulness that chatbots can offer, the truth is that they cannot compare to human experiences. When you're speaking to an actual person over the phone, for example, you receive the impression that your concerns are taken seriously. This feeling is likely to be lost if a business relies on chatbots alone. While these programs should be implemented, true human interaction shouldn't be overlooked by proxy.

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