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A Beginner's Guide to Buying Bows Compound and Recurve

By Kevin Meyer

Many people see archery portrayed in television shows and movies and become curious about the sport. It takes a lot of concentration and practice to get good. Having a natural sense of aim doesn't hurt either. If you are thinking about taking up shooting with bows compound and recurve bows may seem confusing and possibly even frightening. Here is what you need to know about each kind of bow and how to tell which one is right for you.

For many years people have hunted for food and defended their homes using a bow and arrow. It could be used with great accuracy and force to propel a missile into an animal or a human. Some bows could shoot an arrow hard enough to punch through metal. It took a lot of skill to use well but when it did, a bow was a very effective weapon.

The most basic style is known as a recurve. This style has a single bow string that extends from one end of the weapon to the other. The string is too short for the weapon and when it is strung, the arms are pulled down making it curve and generating a lot more force than would otherwise be available.

The other style of bow looks very modern compared to the recurve. Some compound designs have very thin arms and are made from futuristic looking materials. The concept is the same, however. The wheels that you see will actually help reduce the amount of strength you need to keep the bow fully drawn and ready to shoot.

Regardless of which kind of bow you get you will need to make sure that it suits your body. You need to know your draw weight. This is the amount of tension on a bow string and it indicates how hard you have to pull on the string in order to shoot an arrow. Compound bows have a weight range while recurve bows tend to have more of a fixed draw weight.

One measurement that you will also need to know is your draw length. This is how far back you pull the bow string before loosing an arrow. If it is not the right length it may be uncomfortable for you to draw your bow. If you cannot pull the string all the way back on your compound bow you may be unable to take advantage of the cam system since you may not be drawing far enough for the let off to take effect.

If you are buying a compound model you may want to think about whether you want a bow that comes as a set or whether you want to add other accessories to it. There are many accessories that will make it easier for you to shoot. These include counterweights and sights although there are many others that you can purchase over time. Generally, a set will end up saving you money although you may want to upgrade some components at a later date.

If you are not sure what you are looking for in terms of a bow you might be further ahead if you buy from a store instead of from a website. Buying from a store will not only allow you to try different styles and sizes of bows it will also allow a sales person to fine tune your purchase so that it almost feels custom-made for you. This may mean all the difference between having a fun hobby and discovering a new passion that you truly excel at.

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