mardi 28 mars 2017

What You Need To Know About Walker With Wheels And Seat

By Patricia Young

You may be familiar with the rollator walkers that are an excellent aid to mobility as well as a reduced risk of falls for the elderly. Actually, this is one kind of a walker with wheels and seat to enhance mobility for the aged. Their basic design essentially includes brakes, four wheels, a seat and a basket to carry your items. Additionally, most of these walkers can be folded and packed in your car trunk.

At certain instances, you may notice that a colleague or a loved one has to hold onto walls or furniture when walking. In a worse situation, it may have been that they recently fell. Nevertheless, such walkers will assist them to regain their mobility. In fact, these walkers present a lot of advantages.

To begin with, it guarantees a balanced support as well as a seat in case you get tired. A number of the elderly individuals get tired easily and it becomes essential to find some break when seated. These aids therefore ascertain that an elderly accesses such rests with lots of convenience. On the contrary, they have baskets for carrying items. You can, therefore, be able to carry some luggage along rather than using only a bag or a purse.

The other advantage is that they assure you of an increased strength and endurance. Also, they present a lot of ease to use. As a matter of fact, a number of seniors have developed preferences for them over the other types of walkers.

Generally, such walkers remain suitable for the elderly having mild to moderate balance, endurance and strength issues. Most elderly individuals begin to use them after falling. Nevertheless, it is good practice to start using them before falling. This will aid in averting any likely injuries. Besides, aged individuals who want some confidence and a peace of mind or even the ones who fear falling will find these walkers to be very beneficial.

It is, however, necessary to note that in some few instances, senior may not use these walkers. These are in situations where an aged person is required to maintain some weight off their leg or foot following a fracture or surgery. Another instance is where you cannot stand safely because of balance, endurance or strength. In such circumstances, you may need to consult your doctor to give advice on suitable alternatives such as wheelchairs that are light in weight.

On the other hand, there are features you need to look out for in a rollator walker. These include features like solid construction, where all the wheels need to touch a floor at ground level, lightness in weight for easy carrying when needed and cushioned seats that have backrests for comfort. Other necessary features include weight capacity, big wheels and so on.

Finally, these aids come with a number of accessories that may be needed by an individual. For instance, for people who will require oxygen, an oxygen tank holder is usually provided. Other accessories are such as bags, lights, reflectors, reacher holders, bottle holders, roll resistors as well as skis that are used on front wheels.

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