dimanche 26 mars 2017

Durable ID Labels And The Benefits Of Asset Labeling

By Roger Young

If you hold valuable assets within your company, such as IT equipment, high-tech electrical devices or valuable machinery, it is essential to label them. Asset labeling enables you to keep an inventory of your assets and guard against theft. There are a number of different asset labels around that are suitable for a variety of purposes. If you operate in a heavy industry environment then metallic labels can withstand harsh external forces. These metallic plates are tough enough to survive intense heat, chemicals, and abrasion.

To begin with, there exists a wide range of items that may be labeled, this includes Laptops, Tools, Protective clothing, Equipment and Any items which are very valuable or need to be tracked. Here are the benefits accruing from the practice of labeling assets:

Seeing an id or security label will put potential thieves off. Labeling can be permanent and stolen goods marked in this way will not be able to be sold on. Even if someone tries to tamper with the label, a VOID mark or other stain will show, making the equipment unattractive to thieves or buyers on the black market.

In order to withstand outside forces, the barcodes and data are fused into a ceramic surface on the stainless steel plate and can withstand most chemicals and temperatures of up to 1000 degrees centigrade.

The ability for your industrial labels to withstand harsh environments is not the only consideration when marking your equipment. If you are labeling your equipment for security reasons it is essential that the labels must also be tamper-evident. Tamper evident labels cannot be made out of metal so are more suitable for equipment that is less susceptible to damage by harsh external forces. They are usually plastic labels that are supplied with a strong, high tack adhesive that will bond to most surfaces.

To add durability to these tamper evident labels they are supplied with a clear lamination to protect the printed image. If the label is removed then the word 'void' is left on the surface and on the label itself, therefore clearly showing evidence of tampering. This is a theft deterrent but also discourages unauthorized asset transfers.

So there are a number of ways to protect valuable equipment with ID asset labels that are strong and durable. These industrial and tamper evident labels ensure that you can take stock of your property and keep it secure.

Simply put, item labels are an investment which can save your company money in the short and long-term. You'll waste less time and money on looking for equipment and replacing items that are lost or stolen. Item labels prevent theft and item swapping. Labels are available which are permanent or which leave a VOID mark if removed, making stolen or swapped goods pretty much useless in terms of being sold on.

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