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Dive Resort Reviews And Things To Know

By Henry Mitchell

Dive resorts provide a place for enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby. This where you can also learn to scuba and go on guided dive trips at certain locations. They also have shops and centers where you can buy equipment and scuba gear.

Bonaire is one of those such places that divers frequent because of the different spots available. You can look for Bonaire dive resort reviews to get to know about the places like this one. The sites for shore dive gives you a rare chance in diving the same place for as many times as you like and other sites that anyone can access.

There are four major areas on the island that you could choose from depending on what you like.The north sections are part of a surrounding reef with gentler slope and are a little easier dives usually. The sections on the south have stronger current and are deeper and usually consist of a steep drop. The east section is normally a washing machine and the small nearby island boast a better vision clarity than the mainland because it lacks runoff.

The predictability and ease of shore diving which the island is popular for attracts lots of divers. Nothing large will bite you in the sea and there are lesser currents as well. Sites are marked noticeably well too. There is always a place for different level of experience that you have in diving.

It is easy to find the diving sites because they are represented with a huge yellow rock with its name painted on. Just drive around until you spot a yellow rock and check its description on the guide and go diving if it interested you. There are also spots in front of the hotels that can be approached from ports or stairs that leads to the sea.

Never leave your valuable things unattended inside your rented car. They may be stolen as some have been reported already. You could use waterproof bags and bring your valuables with you in the water or just take turns in diving and guarding your stuffs instead.

A typical day depends on if you are doing shore dives, boat dives or both. You can do it any time you want and most packages allows you to check out many tanks. The amount of dives that you could do in a day is really dependent on the energy you have and the time spent at the bottom.

Always follow rules that they have when diving because they are very defensive of their reefs and environment. The first time that you will be caught either touching the reefs or destroying it, a warning will be given while on the second time, they will be taking you out the sea. It is also prohibited to take something from the sea like seashells.

Diving around the island all year round is possible because of its great weather condition. The hurricane season is between June and November but it rarely gets hit by one. Some shallow reefs have already been damaged though because of the previous hurricanes that did hit.

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