lundi 10 juillet 2017

The Quality Of The Single Origin Espresso

By James Cox

The most popular beverage in the world has many different faces. One of them is more and more popular today, and it is called the single origin espresso. It actually means that it is known where it came from, and that it is made using only one of those numerous varieties of coffee. So, let's find a little bit more about it.

As it was said, several coffee blends are widely popular today. They were carefully designed to meet particular consumers' needs. If it was a music composition, it would be played by several great artists. Each playing single part, together these artists produce one beautiful composition, balanced and perfect in any way, even if some of them have entirely different qualities. Together, they work perfectly.

Of course, the quality of a performer is most impressive in solo performances. That's how this single origin coffee can be described. Each and every detail can be heard and recognized, and that's why there is no place for mistakes in this case. So, for preparing this coffee, you need to know how to deal with it, and how to emphasize every single quality.

When it comes to espresso, both solutions have their own qualities. The biggest advantage of various blends is that you basically know what to expect, because these blends were made for some particular purposes. Single origins are different. They have their own characteristics, and those cannot be disguised or balanced using the qualities of other varieties. You have to try them and learn to love them as they are.

Particular qualities are best recognizable in one simple espresso cup. Even so, for preparing it, any good barista will have to use his skills. Sometimes a slight modification might result with something entirely different. The amount of water has to be carefully determined, as well as the pressure, and different varieties will make really surprising beverages.

The fact is that most people already have a built-in taste when it comes to their favorite mix for preparing and serving this popular beverage. Some mixtures have a pronounced citrus note, some give the taste of chocolate in taste, and some are particularly layered and delicate. In any case, high quality always finds its customers.

These amazingly different tastes might surprise, but you will probably adapt them easily. Remember, this really is a high quality coffee, really aromatic and interesting, and there are so many reasons because more and more people enjoy these new tastes. Some says that it requires some effort to prepare these first few cups, but, all in all, everyone will find something to suit his taste there.

It's hard to say which one to choose. As with other espresso varieties, every type has its own customers. The best approach might be to try them all first, and decide later. Maybe you could design your own particular blends, using some or those single origins, or one for every particular purpose, one for your morning espresso, one for your cappuccino, for example. Have a really great time and enjoy in each and every cup.

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