dimanche 16 juillet 2017

Which Content Creation Missteps Can Long Island Advertising Agencies Prevent?

By Rob Sutter

If there's one process that Long Island advertising agencies support above all others, it would have to be content creation. While one's mind may immediately be drawn to written works like press releases and blogs, content can span other forms of media, podcasts and videos included. There are potential mistakes that can be made during the creation process, however. Here are just a few that you would be wise to avoid.

One of the biggest content creation mistakes that Long Island advertising agencies avoid is oversaturation. Even though it's important to get new blog posts, videos, and the like out on a routine basis, there is such a thing as saturation. What this does is create a lack of authenticity, which can be especially detrimental to SEO efforts. Reputable companies along the lines of fishbat would be hard-pressed to disagree.

Next, content may be published without going through proofreading channels first. Many people may want to do this on their own, but the truth is that having multiple eyes on your work can yield better results. When you proofread on your own, there might be errors that are overlooked. On the other hand, if you can get the opinion of many, there is a lesser chance that the errors in question will have a negative impact on your content.

What about the importance of being on-brand? Anyone that works in marketing will tell you that your efforts must coincide with those of the businesses you work with. Otherwise, it can result in a sense of confusion among the general public. If they see conflicting messages, they may not regard the brand with as much legitimacy as it deserves. When it comes to content creation, especially on the business side of things, staying on-brand matters.

To wrap things up, many people tend to create and publish content without a schedule in place. While you may not see this as a big deal, the truth of the matter is that it can have a serious impact on how well an audience grows. If you don't adhere to said schedule, it can be difficult to grow your audience, since they won't know when to tune in. Pick a couple of days each week and focus on them as much as possible.

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