dimanche 30 juillet 2017

Why Organic Tooth Powder Is Better Than Tooth Paste

By Anthony Schmidt

You can take care of your teeth by employing different measures. However, while some are harmful, others are considered safer and are advocated by health practitioners. Not many people know the pros of organic tooth powder, especially when compared to toothpaste. The lucky few who are acquainted with the numerous benefits and side effects of some major toothpaste always wish they could enlighten others.

Toothpaste is slippery and can therefore not perform the work that abrasives do. In other words, they contain no abrasives which make cleaning and plaque removal much easier. On the other hand, the powders have abrasives as their major content and this makes it work better than toothpaste in removing plaques. Moreover, one can use tooth powder without a tooth brush more comfortably than trying to do the same with toothpaste.

In addition, powders come at affordable prices. They are often packaged in small containers, making them more affordable. The organic ones have mint as one of their ingredients, and mint is a good agent for fighting bacteria.

Most people who love convenience would prefer tooth powder to tooth pastes. Since they are more abrasive in nature, you don't need to scrub hard to get the work done. You don't need to apply all your effort when cleaning with the powders. This rule does not apply to the use of the paste as it is slippery.

Baking powders are not sweet so children will not be tempted to lick it the way the do with toothpaste. The problem with licking toothpaste is that the fluoride content in it makes it poisonous. If fluoride is swallowed in large quantities, death may result, and this is certainly not what anyone wants. To avoid this, especially in homes with lots of kids, use organic tooth mouth wash.

Fluoride is not the only dangerous element in toothpaste. There is something else known as triclosan which calls for serious concern among the paste users. The reason is that triclosan is known to be a skin irritant. Moreover, it is bad for the endocrine system and harmful to water life.

While bentonite clay is present in tooth powders, the same is absent in pastes. Instead, pastes contain a substance known as glycerin. Glycerin doesn't seem to be helpful as it does not allow the teeth to enjoy certain minerals, which also affects their development. Bentonite clay, on the other hand, can supply important minerals to the teeth to make them healthier. Technically, one can say that toothpaste prevents remineralization while powders support it.

If you like toothpaste because of the flavor it carries, then you should have a rethink because many of the flavors are not helpful. As a matter of fact, some flavors are only used for their industrial benefit and cannot be encouraged for private use. This is because they cause side effects such as flushing, heart palpitations, weakness, chest pain, and numbness. One of the causes of these side effects is the presence of MSG in flavors. MSG is known to cause these problems, but people fail to realize it because it can take some time for these symptoms to manifest.

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