samedi 22 juillet 2017

Should Businesses Start Investing In Augmented Reality App Development?

By Margaret West

Modern marketing strategies are heavily centered around online platforms. Now, thanks to AR (augmented reality), the marketing world is entering an era where it will be possible to merge the digital and physical experiences. This will certainly change the paradigm of how advertising works, which is why most businesses are now considering augmented reality app development.

While the purchase funnel has several crucial stages, motivating customers to take the leap from consideration to buying is the holy grail. This is why some businesses are now using scannable AR app technology to include some interactive content into the overall design of their packaging. As a result, customers can easily view what's inside the packaging to see what it actually looks like, beside exploring other configurations of the item.

While ads have traditionally been displayed in a 2-dimensional interface, AR has opened up a whole new range of possibilities. From allowing viewers see display ads in their peripheral vision to injecting more detail into your ads, your options are endless here. You could even bring your posters to life by combining them with augmented reality; this is a good way to make your messages pop off the page.

If you ask most consumers, a trouble-free shopping experience is something they would really appreciate. One of the ways stores can enhance convenience within their premises is to provide shoppers with maps and directions on how to get to certain areas. Augmented reality apps can not only make this possible, but you could also use them to provide virtual in-store tours of your store.

While it's easy to visualize products and see them in action when one visits a brick-and-mortar store, the same can't be said of online shoppers. Fortunately, augmented reality offers an easy solution by making it possible to showcase items from all dimensions. So if you're an e-commerce merchant, think of how you could use the technology to make your products easier to understand in the eyes of potential customers.

With augmented reality apps, one can easily lure customers into their premises, and encourage them to explore within by adding fun elements into the process. These could be filters, animations or interactions that relate to everyday objects, but which somewhat relate to the brand. A good way to start would be to enable customers unlock special prizes in certain parts of the store, or offering gifts for those who use the app while checking in.

Introducing the AR experience into your customer support network can vastly improve the quality of service for end users. With the technology, your agents can guide customers through different processes while pointing things out in a detailed, visual manner. As a result, the whole thing becomes much more efficient for all parties involved. Customers get their issues solved appropriately, and your support staff will certainly appreciate the efficiency.

Although AR technology is still in its infancy stages, you can still start taking advantage of it. And you don't even need to re-invent the wheel; you could simply take advantage of solutions that already exist by making them relevant to your business. Whatever you do, your aim should be to enhance the experience of your customers and push them further into the conversion funnel.

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