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What Marketing Automation Systems Means To You As An Internet Marketer

By Daphne Bowen

Marketing, in the old days, meant a lot of mail through the use of a typewriter, pens, paper and long waits at the post office. Direct mail was the best way, for the most part, of getting a lot of information out to a lot of people. In these more modern times, marketing automation systems can be used and, indeed, must be if you are to gain market share and grow your business.

One of the first of these systems, of course, is the computer. It made possible the computing of things that you used to have to do on a pad of paper. It also made it possible to print individual letters or labels with mail merge so as to save you some time in your mailing procedure. You still had to get them in the mail and you could nothing about finding out if the address was bad, unless you paid more for the service.

The Internet is what makes all of the automation possible. The World Wide Web made it possible to market to the entire world and made it easier to accomplish. The acquisition of potential clients and the ability to build a relationship with them is in the offing. This is what the Internet was originally designed for, so you can use to your benefit, properly.

A blog or website is absolutely necessary when setting up a business, here. You need to have a lot of content on that site and automation can be one of the tools you use. There is software that will scour many other sites and article directories for articles to include. All of this will help you become an authority figure in your niche and help the search engines find you.

The one automated system that no marketer wants to do without is an auto responder. This will capture an email address from a visitor by offering them something free in return. This email will go on your list and you can continue to give them valuable information and interest them in other products that can help them.

The relationship building that this list and the systems represent will help you stay on top of all of the people on that list. This helps them understand more about you and your product. These emails will go out, as you scheduled them when you set it up, and you can concentrate on something else to grow the pool of products you can offer them.

Other services or systems will submit your articles to other websites or directories. This will help get people to your site to leave their email address. This starts the circle again. Some software will submit your advertising pieces to websites devoted to these, whether paid or free.

Many of the other automated systems that are available can help you spy on your competitors. Some of these will look for the appropriate keywords for all of the search engine optimization efforts you enter into that need focused keywords and phrases to work properly and for your benefit. When you can use these automated systems to build for you, you can spend time doing other things, such as going to the bank.

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