dimanche 6 septembre 2015

Features Of Sewer Billing Software

By Daphne Bowen

The aim of utilities is to provide basic services to the population. These services include water, sewerage, electricity and natural gas. Manual utility billing can be complicated. Most utility companies have adopted sewer billing software which enables them to keep track of their consumption of the products and services they provide to their customers.

Adopting the appropriate paying technique for a service company is beneficial to the customers and to the company itself. The company benefits from the detailed information of their meters and a full history of those meter readings of their clients. This means that the data on all their customers is readily available when required. This increases the efficiency of operations in the company.

The functions of such a system include collection of data on the usage of the sewer services. The automatic meter readers installed in the homes provide data concerning usage. From the collected data, bills can be generated according to charge rates. The bills are automated which means that they can be sent to the clients via emails. This has reduced the postage costs that were incurred by the companies earlier.

If the sewer company also deals with other utilities like water, electricity or garbage the sewer bills can be prepared alongside the other bills. In addition to collective billing, an automated system enables the customers to have an online portal where they can view their account details and even the bills.

Companies which have adopted the sewer invoicing program have automated the repetitive tasks carried out. The employees have a reduced work load and hence get more time to deal with more demanding tasks. Human errors resulting from manual data handling are also eliminated.

Customer account management is more efficient in a company using such programs for paying. Customers who are late in paying their bills can be fined and given penalties just by the click of a button. Bills can also be resent to the clients who have requested so. It is possible to view the history of a client from his or her account. Installing an automated system will not require additional hardware. Capital investments will also not be required in order to adopt such a paying method. Therefore, this system of billing can be easily adopted.

Evidently, an automated system for invoicing clients is suitable for saving company money and also enabling it to run smoothly and more efficiently. This software saves the workers hours of manually transferring data. Human errors in accounting are also greatly reduced because the invoicing is automated.

Sewer companies which supply other services like electricity or garbage collection are able to prepare their sewer bills together with the other bills. Other than the summary billing, the automated system makes it easier for the customers to have important information through their online portal.

The sewer invoicing program is ideal as it provides the customers with a descriptive bill of their usage of the services. The utility company is able to send the electronic bills to their customers via emails. The company reduces costs by minimizing their postage costs.

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