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The Wonderful World Of Prezi Presentation Design

By Daphne Bowen

Prezi is a powerful web based presentation tool. The particular prezi presentation design you choose to implement will determine the response you get from the audience. In general, it was designed to break the monotony of traditional presentation tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint.

The creation and development only took place less than a decade ago yet a huge variety of people such as students, business executives and teachers have totally embraced it. It was originally made by three Hungarian nationals thus name, which is the Hungarian word for presentation.

The applications are not limited to those with an acute understanding of computers and applications. Virtually anybody can set up online accounts at where one can sign up and proceed to explore all that it has to offer. A lot of web based tutorials exist to guide you in the earlier stages of design implementation. After creating an account however one is required to select their membership, either free or paid.

The more interesting part is getting into the actual design layout. A number of themes are availed at start up. Choosing a theme will be vital in determining the text color and means by which the objects interact. There is also an additional feature of choosing whether your layout will be 2-D or 3-D. The three dimensional layouts elicits more of a wow effect from the audience if properly used. This is largely due to the ability to zoom in and out of the set.

The template will only go as far as providing a framework for you to work on. The details of your presentation and the sequence will entirely depend on your ideas. An easy way to work around this is by starting with your major points. Once this is established, you can then go ahead and add filler content (which are basically details further illustrating your key points).

The dynamism offered by prezi is important in giving it the edge over other tools. This coupled with the fact that it offers an escape from boring old ways is a huge advantage on its part. It also does not hurt that it is totally free and available on a cloud basis. This implies that you can edit your work and access it anywhere at any time.

Despite all this, lots of complaints have been raised regarding its three dimensional approach. The complaints are centered on the premise that it causes motion sickness when exposed to it for extended periods of time. This effect is usually compounded when the presenter moves through different illustrations quickly. Another limitation may be on its accessibility. Although being cloud based is beneficial, it can cause access issues if the individual resides in remote locales or places where internet connectivity is not easily available. Older people also have a bias towards the tools they are more familiar with due to the learning curve associated with understanding an entirely new concept.

In summary, this is a vital tool that if properly understood and embraced can change the way information is relayed to people. The learning curve should not be a hindrance in discovering and unlocking its potential

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