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How To Employ Free Ebooks As Incentives For People To Join Your Newsletter List

By Mark Prosser

Having a large subscriber base for your newsletter is one of the ways you can boost your affiliate sales and increase your online income. With so many mailing lists to join online, you need to give people a reason as to why they should join yours. Giving away free ebooks is one of the incentives you can give new subscribers. To make your book as appealing to as many people as possible, there are some things which you should take into consideration when creating the ebook.

Give your book a short and catchy title. The title should also give an idea what the book is all about. On the cover page, include information to show that the book is available completely free of charge. Including a section that outlines the topics that have been covered in the book is important in helping your audience decide whether they would like to have the book or not.

You can bundle up the book with other resources to make it more useful to your readers. For instance, you can include a checklist, cheat sheet or template. Make sure to outline exactly what you are giving away. Include the number of resources and detail what they are. For the book, include the number of pages and you can even breakdown the specific topics that are discussed in the book.

The information included in the ebook should be in line with what your affiliate marketing site focuses on. This ensures that the audience you attract to join mailing list will be interested in the products that you will be promoting. Marketing to a niche audience is one of the best affiliate marketing strategies you can use to get a high conversion rate.

You should design your book in a nice way so that it is attractive to potential readers. This includes the design on the cover page as well as how you format the content in the book. Some of the things you can do is to use graphics, color, headings, subheadings and bullet points. If your book is attractive, your audience may even share it with other people.

Research what information to include in the book. It should be information that your audience really wants to know more about. The content should also be exclusive, so that your readers can only access it by downloading your book.

Include instructions on how a person can get the ebook. Do not include many steps. The fewer the steps they have to go through to get the book, the better. Also, don't require your subscribers to disclose too much information about themselves before they can get the ebook. Simply asking for their names and email address is enough.

Using mailing lists is a great way to earn income for your home based business ideas. This is because you can promote to your audience over and over and get them to buy your products. Remember that you need to have good copywriting skills in order to create compelling newsletters that your audience will want to read and buy your products.

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