samedi 12 septembre 2015

Ring Of Honor & How A Long Island Advertising Agency Can Help

By Jason McDonald

In June, Ring of Honor struck a deal with Destination America to air its programming on that very channel. This was a big move for the popular pro wrestling company, as it was now able to reach more households than it was in the past. With that said, marketing can always play a larger role, which is why I feel like a Long Island advertising agency or equivalent would be able to help. With that said, here are a few details to help get you started.

For those who do not know, Ring of Honor was originally founded in 2002, serving as a platform for older fans of professional wrestling to become invested in. As a matter of fact, many of the stars who came through ROH went on to have successful careers in larger promotions, which speaks volumes about the capabilities of the former. Eventually, companies must grow, which has been the case for ROH. The move to Destination America, as mentioned earlier, was a tremendous step.

The only television that Ring of Honor had beforehand was via Sinclair Broadcast Group, which has been a long-time affiliate of the promotion. Up until a couple of months ago, wrestling fans had to scour the Internet for matches and shows that the promotion in question put on. With this new deal, though, awareness has been built to a greater level. Even so, more work can stand to be completed, especially when you think about the importance of marketing.

I am of the opinion that a Long Island advertising agency has the ability to generate a tremendous degree of excitement. The agency in question has the ability to maximize the usefulness of social media channels, and the importance of SEO cannot be overlooked, either. Is it possible that Ring of Honor would be able to benefit from services such as these? I think that this is where the expertise of firms along the lines of fishbat would come into the picture.

Regardless of where Ring of Honor goes from here, it's easy to see that it will maintain an audience all the same. Since its creation in 2002, it has slowly carved out a niche for itself, as a promotion that's tailored to an older group of fans. While other companies may focus on including other groups, ROH took a more mature route, and it was for the better. Not only has marketing played into it, but the talent involved and the passion they possess have done wonders and will continue to do so.

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