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Searching For The Best Pinterest Boards For Women

By Aimee Schwartz

Social networking is an important part of our lives today and Pinterest has become a force to be reckoned with. The fact that is is very visual and easy to use contributes to its popularity. Women use it more than men and the best Pinterest boards for women are found in the categories relating to home decor, food and other issues related to homemaking.

However, the most popular topics according to recent studies include food and drink, crafts, home decor and fashion. The findings of this study also show that pinning activities are usually concentrated on about five main categories. Females using this site are often well educated, have a good income and fall between the ages of 25 and 54.

With so many images, it becomes important to categorise them and for this purpose, boards are created. A board contains all the pins relating to a specific category such as hairstyles or inspirational quotes. Organizing them in such a way makes them easy to refer to when necessary.

There are many experts such as interior decorators who use the site and they often develop large followings. However, many of the users are not famous in any way and yet their pins may be inspirational to others who can also benefit from their advice, tips and much more. The exchange between users stimulates creativity. For example, one user may be inspired by a DIY project posted by another person and then build upon it.

The visual nature of this site makes it wonderful for sharing home decor ideas. Bloggers pin images of eye-catching interiors in every possible style and color combination. Influential interior design bloggers also pin images and often have large followings. This is a huge category and one can search for specific styles such as country, shabby chic, French or modern.

Do-it-yourself projects and crafts are also very popular categories. The beauty of many of these projects is the clear images and step by step instructions that accompany them. This gives even beginners the courage to attempt a project or two that do not look too difficult. For those who are more accomplished, there are more challenging projects to test their skills.

A popular category amongst both sexes is that of food and drink. Mothers can find healthy recipes or quick dinner ideas. Pinning recipes means that they are readily available Men may find ideas on how to make impressive cocktails. Those who are suffering from gluten intolerance or diabetes will be able to easily find recipes they can use.

Users are enticed by all the beautiful images and can spend hours browsing through them. However, this is often far more than just a waste of time. They are gathering information, ideas and advice as they go which act as inspiration. This information is organized in an easily accessible fashion and can be shared with others with similar interests.

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